‘Unexpected’: Reanna Cline’s Mom Admits to Epic ‘Mom Fail’

Unexpected‘s Reanna Cline said that her mom didn’t believe her on a very important issue. And her mom admitted that she did have a major “mom fail” moment when she left her injured daughter without medical attention for a while.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline Breaks Her Ankle

Reanna Cline of Unexpected pointed out that her mom is not perfect. In fact, she said that she got hurt and her mom told her that nothing was wrong. After two hours of pain, Reanna said her mom finally took her to the hospital — and her ankle was fractured. This sounds like it was something that happened when she was little.

Unexpected mom Reanna Cline started talking about this because she said she can handle a lot of pain. Her mom didn’t seem to think she could deal with discomfort, but Reanna brought up the broken ankle incident. She said she can deal with a lot after that, but it looks like her pregnancy is giving her a hard time.

Reanna of Unexpected seems to think that pregnancy is much worse than a broken ankle. And it looks like she has some resentment toward her mom for not getting her to the hospital right away. Whatever the case, fans feel sad that she felt so bad while she carried her baby. And of course, her mother letting her sit in pain wasn’t a good moment.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Reanna Has a Tough Pregnancy

Unexpected star Reanna didn’t have a good pregnancy. She was at odds with her baby’s father and was feeling very moody throughout her gestation. At around seven months along, she started having cramps and extreme discomfort.

Reanna of Unexpected looked forward to being a mom but the pain is taking the joy out of things. Plus, her mom wanted her to be friendly with her baby’s father. But in real-time it doesn’t look like things are going well with Reanna and her ex.

In fact, her baby daddy has a new girlfriend and said that she is much better than his baby’s mother. Fans of Unexpected said it seems like he tries to blame TLC’s Reanna Cline for everything that happens. And it seems that most people are on the young mom’s side.

Unexpected: Reanna Cline

Unexpected: Making the Most of Life

Reanna Cline didn’t let teen pregnancy stop her from living her best life. In fact, she is now happily dating another guy and put her ex in the rearview mirror. It seems like that might be part of why Reanna’s ex is so angry at her.

Unexpected mother Reanna doesn’t share much about her relationship with her mother. Most of the time she talks about her daughter and looks very happy about being a mom. Fans hope her relationship with her mother is still good despite her mom’s fail moments such as letting her sit with a broken bone for hours before she took her to the doctor.

Reanna Cline goes out on boats with her daughter and takes her on many other outings. It seems like she hasn’t slowed down since the birth of her little girl. And fans are excited about how well she is doing.

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