‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan Gets Gorgeous New Look

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan made a drastic change to her face. Fans of the TLC show think that she looks amazing. And it seems like she feels good about her face update.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan Boosts Her Beauty

Jenna Ronan of Unexpected recently got a new look. She used to have some pretty thin eyebrows, but she decided to get the microblading procedure done on her eyebrows. And fans say that her new look is amazing.

Unexpected mom Jenna said that she loves her new eyebrows. Jenna Ronan takes good care of herself. For instance, she has her nails done regularly. And now her latest beauty process has fans giving her a major thumbs up.

Some fans of Unexpected wonder if Jenna’s dad paid for the microblading for Christmas. It looked like she and her little family had a good time this holiday season. And fans think that that would have been the perfect Christmas gift.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan

Fans Say Jenna Is Spoiled

After the first episode of Unexpected, fans tore into Jenna Ronan. The biggest thing that they said was that she was a spoiled brat. But others went too far and said that they felt sorry for her baby.

Jenna lashed out at Unexpected fans and said that they had no right to talk about her like that. In fact, she said that they don’t know her, and she was pregnant and hormonal at that time. Viewers didn’t seem to care what Jenna Ronan said and kept at her.

Jenna pouted about not getting a car on her 17th birthday. And she said that she wanted a luxury car, but her dad said he wouldn’t get her one. Unexpected watchers predicted her dad would cave and get her a car—and he did.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan

Unexpected: Dealing with Life as a Teen Parent

When Unexpected watchers started saying that Jenna was a bad parent, she said they couldn’t know. In fact, she said that they hadn’t even seen her with her baby yet. So, how could they know that she wouldn’t take good care of a baby?

A lot of people at Jenna Ronan’s old school talked behind her back. And she said that it was really rough on her when they did it. Despite this, she kept in as good of spirits as possible, even when she heard people trash-talked her to her friend.

Unexpected mom Jenna seemed to have a good Christmas with her baby and her boyfriend. They are still together, and she seems like she’s a little less emotional than during the show. Fans said they are glad she looks happy and that they love her new look with her newly micro-bladed eyebrows.

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