‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan’s Painful Pregnancy Reveal

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright now have a bouncing baby boy named Luca. Throughout her pregnancy, she had some challenges and said she had to get an epidural because of the pain.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan Grateful for Mom Life

Jenna Ronan was uncomfortable through much of her pregnancy. And after a few months, her dad said he could finally see her showing. Unexpected mom Jenna said she never thought she would be pregnant at her age, but now being a mom is everything she ever wanted.

Unexpected fans said they hope that the epidural helped Jenna Ronan avoid some of the pain. But by the looks of her exhaustion, it seems like her labor was still pretty difficult. And they look forward to seeing her bring her new little one into the world on the show.

Jenna Ronan of Unexpected silenced fan rumors of her being pregnant again. And said that it would be at least five years before she goes through that pain again. But she did say that she and Aden do want to have more children.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan

Jenna Ronan’s Best Friend

Unexpected star Jenna Ronan said that her son is her best friend. Viewers thought she wouldn’t be a good mom in the beginning, and that really upset Jenna. In fact, she clapped back at haters and told them to wait and see how she was with her son.

TLC’s Jenna takes her son with her everywhere and is a stay-at-home mom. She does all of her school online and seems to enjoy proving Unexpected critics wrong. Jenna said that she still breastfeeds him, and they are very close.

Recently, Jenna Ronan turned 18, and she said she celebrated her birthday with her favorite people. One of those people was her little man, Luca, and she seemed to have a much better birthday than her 17th birthday we saw on the show. She said that during the show that she dealt with a lot of hormones and didn’t act her best.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Unexpected: Enjoying Life with Aden Albright

Jenna’s dad was the first to say that they are like an old couple. Unexpected Jenna Ronan said that Aden is still a great boyfriend. Despite the fact that he didn’t understand how making a baby worked, fans think he’s done an all-around good job so far.

Unexpected fans said it seems like they both enjoy being parents. And it looks like they still live in the same place with their little bundle of joy. She does take time to take care of herself and has help from Aden as well as her family to ease the burden.

Jenna said that she does look forward to marrying Aden. But right now, they are not in an engagement but she does have a promise ring.

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