‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan Shows Off Her ‘Big Boy’

Unexpected‘s Jenna Ronan said that she feels like she is responsible. And she is upset that fans of the TLC show are being so rough on how she’s acting. But instead of letting people get to her, she’s showing off her big boy.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan Is Proud of Her Son

Fans of Unexpected gave Jenna Ronan a hard time when the first previews of the show aired. They couldn’t believe she didn’t understand how women get pregnant. And some people went so far as to say that they felt bad for her baby.

Jenna from Unexpected didn’t let harsh words stop her from being happy. She and Aden are still together, and her little boy, Luca, is a happy and healthy baby. In fact, fans said it looks like she is doing an amazing job with her little one.

Many Unexpected fans took back their harsh words. And instead started saying how good of a mother Jenna is. It likely helps a lot since she has such a good support team around her.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Jenna Gets Her Way

Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan said that she gets her way a lot. In fact, she said that her dad always breaks down and gives her what she wants. And viewers agree that she is right despite what her dad said.

When Jenna was preparing for Luca to come into the world, she was setting up her room. Her dad and stepmom bought her a crib, and it was supposed to go in her room. But Jenna wanted the baby to have his own nursery, and finally, the Unexpected star got her stepmom to break her dad down.

Not only did she get the nursey that she wanted. But Unexpected mom Jenna Ronan also got the new car she asked for on her 17th birthday. Fans hope that her son doesn’t do her the same way or she will be in trouble.

Unexpected: Jenna Ronan - Aden Albright

Unexpected: Enjoying a Great Relationship

Jenna of Unexpected has a good relationship with her boyfriend, Aden. Despite how neither one of them had an understanding of pregnancy, it seems to be working out. Aden Albright said he used to sneak into Jenna Ronan’s bedroom past the cameras.

Now that she is pregnant, Aden lives at her house with her dad and stepmom. Viewers think it is a little strange how everything happened. But even Jenna Ronan’s father said that they have a good relationship.

In fact, her dad said Aden and Jenna act like an old couple. And he also has a good relationship with Aden, which makes things much easier. Viewers say they think they might be one of the cutest couples on the show despite Jenna’s whining in some of the show.

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