‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Called It – Kody Brown Bitten By Reality

Sister Wives star Meri Brown owes Kody Brown one big “I told you so”. But Meri, the first wife, of this patriarch probably won’t say it. TLC rolls out another new episode Sunday night and it looks like the family’s baffled over Kody’s urgency to get out of Flagstaff. It’s finally Robyn Brown who brings this up to Kody at yet another family meeting. Then he blows up.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Down to the Wire

At one point during this episode, Kody’s adult daughter with third wife Christine, Aspyn Brown says her piece. She looks into the Sister Wives cameras and says she feels like they are running away from something. But she doesn’t know what that is.

The new bride, Aspyn, also talks with her mom and asks why they can’t just stay in Vegas. Christine looks very serious and a bit forlorn when she tells her daughter that she’s personally done with this state. But since Aspyn is staying in Vegas with her new husband, Christine tells her she’s going to miss her.

The urgency of this move is highlighted in this new episode. And Kody Brown is put on the spot to explain why. Robyn Brown asks Kody at the family meeting if she is sensing “urgency” coming from Kody. He snaps and tells his wives if they don’t sell the Vegas houses they’ll run out of money.

SW: Kody Brown and His ‘Stupid Tree’

It’s very apparent now to Kody Brown that he jumped the gun when buying the Flagstaff property before selling their Vegas homes. He tells the camera that he’s literally tripled their housing costs each month. Kody also offered up some tweets about this in real-time that coincided with what goes on with the show. He admits this was a stupid way to go about this move.

As the Sister Wives patriarch says below, he was so focused on the end goal that he didn’t think of anything else. Apparently, like money to live on.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Saw This Coming – Her Warning Ignored

In a recent episode, Meri Brown sat at a family meeting and offered some words of wisdom. Meri brought up all the expenses the Sister Wives family would face with this move. Plus, Meri Brown warned Kody that the mortgages on the Vegas homes along the mortgage on the land would be taxing.

Meri Brown also mentioned the payments they’d need to make on the rental properties. At this point, the plan was to rent four homes for the four wives. But no one listened.

While everyone was hearing the angels sing over Coyote Pass, Meri was looking at the financial piece of this move. It looks like the angels weren’t singing to their bank account but everyone ignored Meri’s concerns. Yep, it seems Meri Brown called it and now her words come back to haunt Kody this week.

SW: Secret About To Emerge

Kody Brown continues on with secrets this week as he meets with a woman who is about to draw up plans for a house for him. It’s not one of the Sister Wives houses but one house for the entire Sister Wives brood.

Papa Brown already knows how his wives feel about living together in one house. Still, he goes ahead and has the plans drawn up anyway. Keeping it a secret until he’s ready to make his presentation.

Kody claims he doesn’t want to kill his dream of all his family under one roof until he can present the plans of this house to his wives. For some reason, he believes they’ll change their mind once seeing the plans.

Sister Wives: Kids Told Only a Month to Go

Sunday night’s episode finds the Kody Brown family with only a month to get ready for this move. Look for some unhappy faces during this episode when the kids learn they’re shoving off for Flagstaff in a month.

As of a few weeks ago, they were still trying to sell three of their Vegas homes so it sounds as if they’re still bleeding money!

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