‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown and Christine Turned Down By Kody Brown On Camera?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown look like they’re getting a hands-off message from Kody Brown this season. Seems when both these women tossed some affection his way, he backed off and actually moved their hands away.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wiggles Away From Christine Brown

The latest incident occurred during Sunday night’s Sister Wives episode while Christine Brown was ironing in her kitchen. Christine was shaken to the core when the title on the new home she bought in Flagstaff had her down as a single woman. After being spiritually married to Kody Brown for more than two decades, this hit her hard.

Kody didn’t seem sympathetic to his wife’s sadness and then turned things around to be more about him. Still, Christine Brown needed some comforting over this and at one point moved in for a hug. Kody not only backed off but he seemed put off by her advance, as seen in the two screenshots below.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

SW: Meri Brown Gets the Push Off

Christine Brown isn’t the only wife to experience this hands-off mode from Kody Brown. He did the same type of thing to another one of his Sister Wives spouses a few episodes back. It was when he’s out in Flagstaff with Meri Brown. His first wife had him all to herself for a few days as they checked out Flagstaff properties.

At one point she flirted with her husband of twenty-something years. Meri Brown leaned in and attempted to put her arm around her Sister Wives guy. He acted like this made him uncomfortable. He put his arm on her shoulder and then slightly pushed her ahead.

It was if he was herding her to the car. He also made a sarcastic comment to the real estate agent walking beside them. He quipped it’s just like Meri to attempt some romance.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Not a Hands-On Kind of Guy – Or is He?

When Kody seemed to give Meri that push-off, the two were working on rebooting their relationship. From what the Sister Wives fans got to see it looked as if Meri Brown was giving it a try, but Kody backed off.

It is almost as if he’s uncomfortable showing affection to his wives. Was he worried Robyn might see this and get upset? After all, recent reports have Kody acting more like a husband with just one wife these days – Robyn.

When Kody greeted Robyn Brown after his trip with Meri – he looked like he got a hug that he enjoyed. Look at the smile on his face below as he embraces Robyn in a hug. It appears he really goes in for a tight hug as well.

Sister Wive: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

SW: Odd Dynamics?

From what fans can see on the Sister Wives show, Janelle doesn’t fawn over Kody like Christine frequently does. It’s quite possible Janelle doesn’t have the urge to move in on her shared husband. But if she did, would he pull back from her as well?

Meri doesn’t usually do this either and now fans can understand why. If Kody diverts her advances of affection with the push of his hand – why bother? Meri’s moment in Flagstaff was a rare one.

You don’t often see Meri Brown doing anything but talking to Kody Brown. She often rolls her eyes while doing so. At the beginning of the season talking to Kody brought frequent tears to Meri, but she seems to have a new attitude as the episodes rolled by.

SW: Who Gets Kody’s Affection?

No one knows the full scope of the Sister Wives relationship. TLC shows the fans an edited version of what is going on in their four homes. But the hints are there and folks across social media are taking notice.

Sister Wives: Fans Pick Up On This

Is Kody only committed to Robyn Brown these days as far as intimacy? When it comes to sharing a hug on camera it sure looks like Kody Brown is out of his comfort zone. At least with everyone except Robyn judging by the show.

But again, fans see an edited version of events in the Sister Wives’ lives so there may be hugs just as genuine looking with the other wives that don’t make it onto the show.

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