‘Sister Wives’: Christine Reminds Meri – Odd Secret for Pleasing Kody Brown?

Sister Wives co-stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown dropped a big hint on how to please Kody Brown on the latest episode. This rather odd reveal might sound like the mindset of wives from a different century. It even may remind you of the classic movie Stepford Wives.

A topic popped up in a conversation between Christine and Meri Brown. They were working to heal their relationship. While the two have been at odds for a few years now, they want to repair it. In the chat, they revisited past relationship problems. Not their own, but troubles with the patriarch of the Brown brood through the years.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Have to Change – You Do

It seems the Sister Wives women have a way to fix a relationship problem with Kody Brown. It sounds like Christine Brown learned this the hard way. During the conversation, Meri Brown talked about a time Christine came to her for help. It was back when she felt her life with Kody was falling apart.

In a flashback, viewers saw Meri Brown tell the third wife of the plural marriage that she has to change. It’s true that the only one you can change is yourself. But it seemed Meri was advising her that changing was the only way to achieve marital harmony. Does Meri think Sister Wives need to recreate themselves to meet the preferences of Kody Brown?

Meri Brown Had the Answer for Christine Brown

Surprisingly enough, during that flashback conversation about Kody, Christine wasn’t open to Meri’s suggestion that she had to change. Back then, Christine Brown asked when does Kody have to own his part of the problem. Meri shot back with a facial grimace that seems to indicate – their husband doesn’t have to.

But that was a few years ago. Now it looks like Christine adapted to Meri Brown’s line of thinking about Kody. In an almost Stepford Wives-type of a scene, Christine Brown gives that same advice back to first wife Meri on Sunday night’s Sister Wives.

Christine Finally Saw the Light?

Christine Brown tells Meri that Robyn Brown gave her the same advice. With the insight from his first and last wives, Christine decided to change and says it worked. So, it looks like the women of the Sister Wives show choose to give-in when it comes to Kody Brown. That is if they want to keep their relationship alive and kicking.

Back to the conversation between Meri and Christine. The first wife confessed that she doesn’t have a relationship with Kody today. Since there’s nothing with her husband, she feels there’s none with her Sister Wives as well.

Right Back Atcha!

That’s when Christine echoed Meri’s advice to her from a few years back. She pushed her to change. The Sister Wives motto apparent from this conversation sounds like: be what Kody wants you to be. That’s the one way the relationship will work out fine.

The word compromise doesn’t seem to exist in the family. Not a soul mentioned getting Kody to compromise. Meri and Christine seem to believe that when their relationship with Kody sours, it’s their responsibility to change – – not his.

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