‘Sister Wives’: Which Wives Won’t Sleep With Kody Brown?

Sister Wives fans are intrigued by Kody Brown‘s sex life with his many wives. But are Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown all sleeping with him? Like all relationships, each of Kody’s has its share of problems. However, the Browns’ marriages come with the added stress of sharing a man.

Sister Wives viewers have long sensed that Kody Brown favors one wife above others. And now it seems not all his women are getting equal time in the bedroom. Which wife or wives are now finding themselves sexless in Flagstaff? We’ve got the answer.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Not Getting Merry With Meri Brown

Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife. They got married in 1990 and have one daughter, Mariah. But then she divorced him in 2014 so he could legally marry fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt her three children from a previous marriage.

Despite the legal split, the Sister Wives couple still considers themselves spiritually married. However, the shift in their relationship was building long before the divorce. Meri and Kody Brown were plagued by infertility issues and she always wanted more children.

At one point, Robyn even offered to be a surrogate for them. Kody Brown said that if he and Meri were in a traditional marriage, they would have been divorced within the first ten years of marriage. But since they’re in a Sister Wives set-up, they’re still together.

Meri Brown’s Online Cheating Scandal

Then, less than a year after the divorce, Meri revealed that she had an emotional affair online with a man named “Sam”. Turns out he was really a she and Meri had been catfished.

But who knows how far Meri would have taken that relationship had Sam not turned out to be a fake. Meri and Kody’s marriage seems the most damaged of the four. The cheating scandal may have been the final straw.

Fans of Sister Wives were shocked when Kody Brown revealed on last season’s tell all that he and Meri are no longer intimate. Not only are they not sleeping together, but Kody Brown said he doesn’t want her that way anymore.

Janelle Brown And Kody Are Better As Friends Than Lovers

Janelle Brown became the second Mrs. Brown in 1993 when she spiritually married Kody Brown. She was a friend of the family for years. In fact, she was family to Meri prior as Janelle was hitched to Meri’s brother before marrying the Brown patriarch.

This friendship made the adjustment easier for all. Sister Wives‘ Meri knew from the start that Janelle and Kody “loved” each other but were not “in love”. Janelle is the most independent of the wives and very career focused. Plural marriage suits her lifestyle.

She has the freedom to pursue professional success with the support of other women helping raise her kids. This makes her a low-maintenance wife. She is least demanding of his time and affection. Though they have six children, their marriage is merely friendly. Janelle and Kody are BFFs not bedfellows these days.

Christine Brown Loves Her Man, But He’s Not That Into Her

Christine Brown is Kody’s third wife joining the Browns in 1994. She met the family in 1990 and instantly fell in love with everyone. She grew up in a polygamous family and knew from a young age she wanted to be a multiple wife.

Sister Wives watchers know Christine loves Kody Brown more than he does her. In fact, he admitted as much on a TLC tell all. He said he was “not attracted to Christine” physically and later wondered if that was fair to her but said it’s too late to change things.

Christine Too Needy for Kody Brown?

Up until Kody added wife four, he and Christine had the most physical relationship of his women. Meri was even jealous of their intimacy, She also seems to be the neediest and most emotional of Kody’s ladies. She finds ways to seek his attention.

Recently, Christine lost a lot of weight. Sister Wives chatters suggest that was primarily to keep Kody in her bed. Over the years, their sex life dwindled and she wants to make sure she’s not left out. Her efforts seem to have paid off.

Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Is Kody’s Favorite Wife

Robyn Brown is Kody’s fourth wife, joining the family in 2010 – – the same year Sister Wives debuted on TLC. It is common in a plural marriage for jealousy to run rampant among the women. And it certainly was the case when Robyn joined the family.

This time, Christine was the one most irritated. Up until Robyn’s arrival, she was Kody Brown’s most frequent bed buddy. But Robyn was newer, younger, and clearly his favorite. All the wives sensed the favoritism.

The rule at the Brown house is that sex talk is off-limits between the Sister Wives. But it is easy for them to know where Kody spends his nights if he’s not with one of them. So for sure, Robyn Brown is hitting the sheets with her husband.

Only One Functional Marriage Among the Many Browns?

Most Sister Wives fanatics would say that of all Kody’s marriages, the one with Robyn is the only “real” one. She is his legal wife, loyal follower, and preferred bed buddy. But thanks to Christine’s stunning weight loss transformation, Robyn is not the only one with Kody in her bed these days!

So if you’re keeping count, Kody Brown is bedding down with two of four wives these days while the other two seem happy to be sleeping solo. Watch the upcoming Sister Wives’ season on TLC  Sundays at 8:00 pm starting on January 20.

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