‘Sister Wives’: Meri, Janelle, Christine Stun Fans With Togetherness In New Pic – No Robyn?

Sister Wives celebs Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown did something that’s way out of the ordinary for these ladies lately. This trio of Kody Brown wives was captured in a picture together.

For the past few months, no photos of Kody’s wives together have been posted online. So when they sat down at the same table and then shared this image, followers took notice. It seems this Sister Wives photo answers many questions swirling around online. But ahead of the new season, it still leaves one big question unanswered – where is Robyn Brown?

The questions popping up on the recent Sister Wives post ask where Robyn Brown is. She’s the only one not in this latest photo. Meri, Janelle, and Christine sit together at a TGIF restaurant in this photo. They are at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport so it appears the three wives still travel together as well as eat together.

Sister Wives: A Sudden Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, & Christine Brown Airport Reunion?

After all this time with Meri Brown’s posts looking like she’s a solo act these days, this squashes the chatter. The picture seems to blow her severed relationships theory out of the water. Or is this nothing more than a creative photo promo? It surly confuses some fans ahead of the new season. The picture of the three oldest Sister Wives at dinner appears on Christine’s Instagram account.

Meri posted a picture of herself in the same airport. She shares with her Sister Wives followers that she’s visiting Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas & Georgia in the next five days. She doesn’t offer details of this trip. But the hashtags seem to indicate that it’s a trip for LuLaRoe.

Christine seems a bit more involved in LuLaRoe these days via her online posts. But it surprising to see Janelle there as well. Maybe she just came along for support. After months of Meri Brown posting photos of her trips with the clothing company, this is the first time another Sister Wives spouse showed up in a picture with her.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Meri Brown

Harmony Between the Wives of Kody Brown?

Fans became used to seeing Meri in an independent mode. Now with Christine and Janelle along on this trip with her it suggests they still have a relationship. Many rumors surfaced during this hiatus after the last Sister Wives season ended.

It seems reports put Meri Brown pulling away from her Sister Wives plural marriage. With the spouses not showing up in photos together over the past few months it seemed to fuel the chatter of trouble in the Kody Brown family. But this latest photo seems to throw that theory out the window.

One theory suggested the three older wives see very little of Kody these days. The reports indicate that he spends much of his time with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. This theory started when a report came from someone near Robyn’s home. The source said at one point Kody didn’t seem to leave Robyn’s place for a week.

Another bit of chatter suggested that Robyn Brown is having a baby. During the summer a photo of her cropped up with fans asking if she might be pregnant. Robyn never ruled out having more kids with Kody Brown when asked during interviews. The youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe said they’d leave it up to a higher power.

Sister Wives: Cliffhangers and Chatter Online

Fans find themselves chomping at the bit to learn the outcome of several cliffhangers from last season. When the new Sister Wives Season 14 debuts there are several things folks will focus on. There’s Coyote Pass, Kody Brown’s Big House, and of course the outcome of their Flagstaff move.

Recent reports put the Sister Wives clan not as welcomed as they anticipated by some in their new city. In Season 14 viewers will see one of the wives driven from their rental home by neighors, according to the TLC previews.

When the last Sister Wives season came to a close, the fans only got to see a little bit of their time in Flagstaff. They witnessed the two-dozen Brown family members roll up to Robyn’s house. They also saw the droves of neighbors who came out to see what was going on. The Sister Wives had a caravan of 12 or so vehicles so it might have looked like a circus rolled up to her new home.

Sister Wives Season 14 rolls out Sunday night, January 5 on TLC.

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