‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown, Christine, and Janelle Start New Season Nesting?

Sister Wives stars, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown show off their talents online as the new season reportedly films. The first three wives of Kody Brown offered some new posts this week that have something in common. But then there’s Robyn Brown, who’s the only wife not heard from in months.

So what have Kody Brown’s wives been up to and what can fans expect to see in the new season? First of all, the women who married Kody Brown seem to perpetuate the mysterious absence of their husband online. It’s been a long time since any of them mentioned his name on social media.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Warm the Hearth

Still, the Sister Wives seem to be actively sprucing up their homes today as well as their wardrobe. Veteran fans of the show know that each of the women who make up this plural marriage seems to have a specialty. Each brings their own skillset to the family table.

Starting with Christine Brown, who looks like she’s got a leg up on the holidays these days. Over the many seasons of the show, Christine is the go-to wife for any decorating needs. Christine’s also very crafty. It appears that she’s made wooden Halloween decorations and displayed them in her Sister Wives home. But she didn’t stop there.

Christine Brown also placed a Thanksgiving turkey decoration by her front door. This might seem way too early even for the biggest holiday enthusiasts. But this might offer a hint of the Brown clan filming their holiday meal together.

Quite possibly that turkey is up there early for the sake of the Sister Wives show. Is this a clue that the new season is slated to roll out in time for the November holiday? If so, filming the holiday dinner ahead of time would be the way to go. This way fans get to see them celebrate Thanksgiving around Thanksgiving even if they did film it months ahead of time.

Janelle Brown, who likes healthy, yet delicious food, shared some hearty recipes along with a picture of one of Janelle’s own creations. Meri Brown hones in on her sales, balancing that with getting Lizzie’s Heritage Inn ready for the fall season. It’s like the Sister Wives ladies are nesting these days. But is the show at the center of this?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Meri Brown Concentrates on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown made a few visits to her now-famous Utah bed and breakfast in recent weeks. Each time Meri carted a carload of supplies and decor to use at the inn. It sounds like Lizzie’s might be one of the locations they use for filming the new season.

Robyn Brown seems to have mysteriously disappeared online. But news emerged last week that Kody purchased a $900K home in rural Flagstaff for the fourth wife of the Sister Wives clan. So it sounds like she’s got new digs to get ready for filming. This comes just in time, as hints of the production crew landing in Flagstaff pop up.

It looks like Sister Wives women also get ready for fall with new clothes. Much of their wardrobe choices seem to come from the LuLaRoe clothing line. Recently both Christine and Meri Brown modeled the new fall offerings online.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: In the Works?

While TLC’s official word hasn’t popped up yet, eyewitnesses put Kody Brown’s wives with cameras in tow during the summer. Local news media in Chicago also reported the Brown family filming while in the Windy City.

The family flew to Chicago to visit Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss. That’s when the media spotted the cameras. Then two of the Brown children also confirmed the last season of Sister Wives wasn’t their final season.

Just recently eyewitnesses in Flagstaff report seeing vehicles parked on the Coyote Pass land. It’s the same parcel of land that the Sister Wives star Kody Brown purchased during the last season.

People hopped online to suggest the vehicles might belong to the TLC production crew as a new season is said to be in the works. So it looks like there’s plenty of visuals suggesting the show must go on.

When Will New Season Roll Out?

TLC hasn’t even announced there will be a new season. Still, some armchair sleuths already claim to know the premiere date for Sister Wives Season 14.

A few online Sister Wives group members mention that Season 14 allegedly starts on January 7, 2020. But… that’s not a Sunday, it’s a Tuesday. Sister Wives is traditionally a Sunday night show.

But TLC doesn’t usually announce a new season until about a month away from the premiere date. So quite feasibly, fans could watch the new season sometime in the late fall.

Without any definite date, it looks like it’s back to the waiting game. But at least there’s plenty enough evidence that they’re filming Season 14.

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