‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Robyn’s Bedroom Taboo Revisited – Reminder In New Pics?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may have opened a can of worms by putting Robyn Brown in a lavish new home with a bedroom that screams romance. Veteran Sister Wives viewers remember the episode years ago when the wives toured all their homes for the TV cameras.

While they admitted that tour was uncomfortable when it came to the bedrooms, it was Robyn Brown’s master suite that put them on edge. The Sister Wives spouses make it an unwritten rule to stay away from each other’s bedrooms.

But today Robyn Brown and Kody’s bedroom is plastered all over the online world. This just might give Kody’s other three Sister Wives, who dwell in temporary Flagstaff homes, something to think about.

Sister Wives: Taboo Bedrooms

The reason behind their uneasiness is simple when it comes to another wives’ bedroom. It is a room that Kody Brown shares with another woman. For Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown going into another wives’ bedroom is very uncomfortable. The four wives of Kody Brown made this clear in one of the earlier Sister Wives seasons.

It was easy to spot that the Sister Wives women felt uncomfortable during that tour years ago. But if you didn’t spot it, you heard about it from the wives themselves. They later admitted how that segment made them uncomfortable. This was especially the case for the other three wives when entering Robyn’s bedroom.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown is Kody Brown’s Favorite Wife?

Back then Kody blatantly favored Robyn Brown. He acted like a high school boy who suddenly sprouted a testosterone level off the charts. At the time, the other women of the Sister Wives clan spotted something on the night table next to Robyn’s bed. It belonged to Kody and it freaked out the other wives when they spotted it. Then the tour really became uncomfortable.

That tour through Robyn’s bedroom became too much of a reminder for the other wives. Of course, they knew Kody slept there every fourth night, but now they had a visual. It was the bed Kody shared with Robyn Brown. She’s the same woman who had most of his attention during his waking hours as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Family’s Dream On Back Burner But Robyn’s Dream Realized?

Jump ahead to today and it doesn’t look as if Kody’s changed much when it comes to playing favorites. Before moving to Flagstaff Kody and his four wives plunked down a good chunk of money to purchase land.

The plan called for building either four individual Sister Wives homes or one huge dwelling to hold the entire family. That plot of land at Coyote Pass cost the family $820,000 and it still sits vacant. The goal and promises of a new life in Flagstaff seem now to bypass three of the wives, who sit in their temporary homes waiting.

But Robyn’s $900,000 home is luxury at it’s best. Unless Kody Brown harbors a secret plan of putting each of his Sister Wives ladies in a similar home, it looks like Robyn Brown shines above the rest again.

New Bedroom Screams Romance – But for Only One Wife

When the home Kody recently purchased for Robyn first went on the market, online pictures advertised the many rooms and views the house offers. A few of those snapshots center on the master bedroom.

If the Sister Wives co-spouses still find the bedrooms of the other wives an Achilles heel-like topic then they’re in for a setback. Robyn’s new master bedroom reeks of romance waiting to happen.

Check out the photos above of Robyn’s new home. Meri and Janelle might like to see themselves sharing a romantic cup of coffee in the morning with Kody Brown on that balcony.

Then there’s Christine who demonstrated a yearning for Kody’s attention in the last Sister Wives season. Robyn’s new bedroom is bound to be a craw in the sides of her co-spouses.

It’s assumed that the only one who will embark on intimate times in that room with their shared husband is Robyn Brown. From the way the fans see it – Robyn wins again.

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