‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Robyn Brown Team Up – Spikes Jealousy In Kody Brown?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Robyn Brown raise a few questions regarding the other wives of Kody Brown in a recent online photo post. The picture Meri Brown posted with her and Robyn Brown together has a heartwarming tribute attached. But those kind words seem to paint this duo of co-spouses as a team among the Sister Wives clan. So what about the other two wives, not to mention – Papa Kody Brown?

Vying for Kody Brown’s attention is often seen among his wives during the past 13 Sister Wives seasons. But it looks like there’s another dynamic of pairing-up between the wives that goes on within the family. Christine Brown once explained this aspect of two wives being closer among the four wives and it looked like Kody Brown felt a little left out at the time.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Women Buddy Up

Some folks might wonder why Meri Brown only offered her sister wife Robyn Brown kudos in this tribute and didn’t include the other two wives as well. She refers to Robyn Brown as a good friend and someone who always has her back. But what about Christine and Janelle Brown, don’t they do the same for Meri? Then, of course, there’s their shared husband, doesn’t he have their back as well?

The inner workings among the adults of the Sister Wives brood are hard to follow. That’s especially true after all the chatter online about one wife ignoring the others. Or the reports from unknown “sources” claiming Kody Brown spends more time at one wife’s house rather than the others. All these tidbits seem to indicate dissension in the ranks of the wives at times.

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So instead of making assumptions as to why Meri singled out Robyn Brown to honor with a pic and a tribute, let’s go back to what Christine once said. She explained this type of interaction among the wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Robyn Brown

Meri Brown and Co-Spouse Robyn Brown BFFs

A few years back as the family exchanged gifts for the holidays, Robyn got Meri Brown a statue of two sisters dancing. It brought tears to Meri’s eyes. Then it got Robyn Brown crying as well. It had special meaning to these two women and they shared this on the Sister Wives show.

The four wives and Kody talked about this later in that episode. During their couch interview, Christine explained: “There are times when we’re closer to one sister wife than another sister wife but it all ebbs and flows.” So it sounds as if the wives do team up from time to time.

It seems that Christine recognized this and shared it with the Sister Wives camera. That could explain why Meri Brown offered that tribute to Robyn recently on Instagram but not the other two wives. Christine seemed to use this statue gift to explain the closeness that Robyn and Meri Brown felt. As that gifted piece of art had two sisters dancing, not four.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Jealous Streak Emerges

Despite the nontraditional marriage of these Sister Wives adults, they all still share the same human emotions as the rest of the population. They admit they feel jealousy when the man they married is sleeping with one of the other wives.

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This is something the Sister Wives revealed during a few of their interviews. It’s not known if the wives feel a tinge of jealousy when two of the women team up as BFFs. But it looks like Kody does. It seems he feels a bit jealous, as he demonstrates in the above video clip.

After Christine declares in the video that there are times when you feel closer to one sister wife than another, Kody chimes in. He then asks Christine if she ever felt closer to a sister wife than she did to him.

Jealousy From All Corners

Kody Brown now looks like a little kid who is sad and about to ask his mommy if she loves him in this video. He tells Christine that he’s just curious. She immediately tells him no, she feels the closest to him. But when he turns to Robyn and Meri with the same question, they answer it a bit differently. Basically, they don’t answer the question at all.

They divert the conversation by saying Kody’s comparing apples to oranges. So it looks like the jealousy among the Sister Wives spouses can emerge in a few different ways. It appears even a man with four wives can feel a bit green with jealousy now and then as his wives team up.


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