‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Sickened When Meri Brings Up Moving History

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently shared some of the Browns’ past activities with Robyn Brown that occurred before she joined the Kody Brown family. Robyn revealed what she heard made her feel sick. “I’m going to throw-up,” she said.

This carried over to the Tell All where the family discussed Kody’s tendency to move the family a lot. Robyn lost it on the show once when Christine Brown used the term “transient family” for the Browns. That really scared Robyn Brown to think how frequently Kody Brown moved his family around.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Worries Robyn Brown With Relocation Fears

It seems Kody Brown just can’t make a commitment to his four wives without throwing in a few disclosures. Robyn learned Kody moved his family 19 times since he made Meri his first wife. This is more than the number of children they all have together, which is 18.

Apparently, the other wives counted them all up for Kody on the Tell All. But when Robyn heard the number, she looked sick. She vows that this is her last move. She wasn’t part of the family yet when the majority of those 19 relocations took place. So hearing the Browns moved almost 20 times was a shock.

This means since Kody’s first marriage, he’s uprooted his family once every a year and a half – on average. Their relocation to Vegas alone counted as two moves. The Brown brood stayed in temporary homes when they first got to Sin City. Then they moved into the cul-de-sac, where they built on Sister Wives.

All Aboard the Kody Brown Boat If it Sails Again?

The Sister Wives brood stayed in Vegas seven years all told. But it looks like they barely had time to settle in before each new move before they hit Nevada. Robyn jumped on board the SS Kody Brown just as it sailed to NV from Utah. So, she missed out on all the moving caravans before her time with the Browns.

In a confessional a few episodes back, Robyn brought up how Flagstaff has to be her final move. She can’t take anymore moving. Meri Brown chuckled and basically told Robyn for a second time not to count on it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Done With Moving

Meri told Robyn Brown they’ve had many moves, all orchestrated by Kody. So, Meri Brown gave her co-spouse a heads up by basically telling Robyn that moving seems to be part of Kody Brown’s DNA. That’s Robyn she looked like she smelled something foul.

She learned that Flagstaff might not be their final move if Kody gets the relocation bug again. On the episode that showed them moving to AZ, Robyn tried to get a commitment from Kody
Brown that they’d make this move their last. Kody wouldn’t give his word to the latest of his Sister Wives.

19 Times and Counting?

Robyn Brown brought it up again on the Sister Wives “Tell All”. She wants a commitment from Kody to stay in Flagstaff. Kody tried to explain to her that he couldn’t make that commitment even though he wanted to.

Kody said that circumstances change that might be beyond his control. Like how they had to leave Utah to avoid prosecution. Robyn wasn’t happy and her fellow Sister Wives spouses, including Meri Brown, weren’t very supportive. Then again they’re accustomed to moving their baggage around.

Sister Wives Update: Meri Brown Will Bloom Where She’s Planted

Meri Brown shared her motto – “bloom where you’re planted”. She said her outlook basically lets her make a home anywhere. Janelle Brown said she is a “floater” at heart. So, she could go wherever without any problems. Although, she’d like her kids to feel they always have a home to come back to.

Robyn expressed she wants her bones planted in Flagstaff. She wants to stay put there until she dies.  She said on the Sister Wives Part One Tell All: “I don’t want to keep doing this. I want my bones buried in Flagstaff”.

On an earlier episode this season, Robyn said she’d never move again. She said she’s staying put even if Kody moves the family again. But she didn’t say what that means for her relationship with Kody Brown if that does happen. Yet Meri and the other wives know a move may be inevitable.

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