‘Sister Wives’: Meri Sets Robyn Straight On Kody Brown – Internet Applauds

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been with Kody Brown longer than his other wives so she might know more about Kody’s past than Robyn Brown. After what Meri told her last week it became obvious she did.

It looks like Robyn Brown put her foot down on moving. This conversation started after Christine called this Brown brood a “transient family,” which seemed to enrage Robyn.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Puts Foot Down

Kody Brown’s fourth wife interrupted Christine and told her to take that back.  Robyn was adamant on last week’s Sister Wives that this move to Flagstaff is her final move. Since Robyn appeared to speak for herself Meri Brown chimed in.

Meri Brown told the youngest spouse in the family not to count on this move as her last with this clan. She reminded Robyn that they moved several times before she married Kody Brown. Meri also added that their history indicates a move every several years.

SW: Meri Brown Trips Robyn Up a Bit

Meri Brown appeared to knock Robyn down off that pedestal just a bit and it also seemed to remind Kody Brown’s 4th wife that others are involved as well. Like three other wives, a husband and a ton of kids. What the first wife said to the second wife got a round of virtual applause across the Internet.

Meri Brown not only told gave Robin a history lesson but she slapped back at her as well. When Robyn referred to Meri as the first wife while debating the properties, Meri’s comeback was priceless to Sister Wives fans. “Whatever, you are the legal wife,” she said.

Robyn Brown conveyed her final word – the last move for her – Flagstaff. It sounded as if she meant it. Maybe the youngest wife in this plural marriage feels she can say this because Kody Brown seems to sway whichever way she needs him to. Case in point – property shopping.

Sister Wives: Everyone Likes Cottonwood Except Robyn?

The odd thing about last week’s show was how the Sister Wives brood came to the point of putting in an offer on Coyote Pass. First of all, they deemed Janelle as the wife who casts the deciding vote on where they’ll live. That’s because they were divided, two for Cottonwood and two for Coyote Pass.

Janelle was ready to sign and put money down on the property as soon as she saw Cottonwood. Meri Brown loved it there and so did Kod Brown. Even Christine was on the screen telling her daughter she loved this land while standing on the property saturated with trees. Furthermore, it was a cheaper place to buy in comparison to Coyote Pass.

SW: Robyn Gets Her Way?

Kody’s fourth wife was the only Sister Wives spouse pouting about the Cottonwood property. Then they all traveled to Coyote Pass, a place everyone has seen except Janelle. Also, Robyn Brown heard “angels sing” to her while at this property.

She stayed extremely quite and pouted until she heard Coyote Pass finally hit Janelle’s radar. She said a few times that she watched Janelle like a hawk throughout the day because she had that deciding vote.

Sudden Tilting of the Votes?

So earlier in the day, the Sister Wives adults loved Cottonwood except for Robyn Brown – now all of a sudden they’re putting an offer in for Coyote Pass. Looks like Janelle did an about face and so did Kody Brown.

It almost seemed as if Robyn drove the bus on this one. So much of the decision-making process didn’t air. So you don’t know who said what to who. But it’s apparent the woman tagged as Kody’s favorite wife did get her way but how it’s not known.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Closes the Door

Back at home, the family meeting disbands after the decision points to Coyote Pass. Kody asks Meri to stay behind and he closes the door. Apparently, he doesn’t want the other wives to hear what he’s about to say to Meri Brown.

Oddly enough Kody Brown apologizes to her for not standing firm on Cottonwood. It appears there so much more to this than meets the eye.

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