‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Wed Kody Brown at 19 – Breaks Free at 48?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown followed Kody Brown for most of her adult life and looking back this included some major embarrassments. For all you new SW viewers out there, the Meri Brown you see today has already endured a quarter of a century with the patriarch of this plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Lost Career for Meri Brown

First, take a look at what Meri got out of life by following Kody Brown through all his whims. Back in 2010, she enjoyed a career in mental health and held a position that she loved. At the time she was deep into her studies of psychology and planned on working with at-risk teens for a future career.

Meri Brown held that job up until the first Sister Wives episode with Kody Brown aired – her employers then fired her. While she was devastated when fired, she understood her employer’s position but it still caused her heartache. She was honest with them when they hired her, so they knew of her polygamous marriage. But the unnamed employers felt the show would bring too much attention to Meri and her workplace and let her go.

SW: Meri Bride of Kody Brown at 19

Meri Brown was only 19 when she married Kody Brown.  She struggled with infertility for five years before Mariah came into their lives. But that was the one and only child she gave birth to.

While the other Sister Wives spouses filled Kody Brown’s home with children, Meri felt she outlived her usefulness. After all, a huge piece of this lifestyle is filling a home with tons of children. And it appeared her husband often reminded her of this, which prompted her to consider an offer.

Having Kody Brown’s Babies

Robyn came into the Sister Wives family with three kids from a previous marriage. She also took most of the shared husband’s attention and went on to have babies with Kody Brown.

Then Robyn offered to carry a baby for Meri Brown, as a surrogate mother. At first, Kody constantly bugged Meri for an answer, he wanted her to do this. Ultimately it was Kody who turned the idea down after his first wife couldn’t make up her mind.

Sister Wives Embarrassment

This all played out on camera for Meri Brown, which couldn’t have been easy at the time. Kody Brown went on to say some embarrassing things about his first wife as the Sister Wives show rolled through the seasons. He conveyed in an interview how the urge for intimacy with Meri is no longer there.

While that happens in some marriages, he didn’t seem to take his first wife’s feelings into consideration. Especially when he shared this embarrassing piece of their life in a public interview.

Kody Tries to Push His First Wife Back?

When Meri Brown finally decided to do something on her own, he pushed back. She decided to open Lizzie’s Heritage Inn but he acted as the naysayer from the beginning.

The head of this Sister Wives plural marriage belittled her from the get-go. He cited her lack of business experience in attempts to stop her. Kody Brown offered her money to secure the sale of the B&B dwelling then he reneged on that. Her husband was her biggest roadblock to securing her dream.

But Meri Brown emerged a winner with her B&B as it was named, “The Best Country Inn” by The Official Best Of Utah. In real-time her Instagram page is filled with Meri smiling and looking happy today. This is quite the contrast to this season’s scenes of Meri in tears.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

New Day Dawns?

Her new social media posts indicate she’s busy with both her Lularoe clothing brand as well as Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. This week she was in Vegas and by Meri Brown’s own admission – a city she loves. She posted her latest pic today with an unnamed friend, which is seen above.

Kody doesn’t show up in her recent online posts. At 48-years-old has she finally moved on from Kody Brown and his Sister Wives world? If she did, fans won’t hear about it officially until this season of Sister Wives comes to an end. TLC has a tendency to keep their reality cast members quiet about any changes good or bad until the season is over.

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