‘Sister Wives’: Meri Sticks With Kody Brown Until Cancellation Gives Her Ticket Out?

Sister Wives fans might find this season confusing when it comes to where Meri Brown stands with Kody Brown. Or maybe it’s the other way around – where Kody stands with his first wife. This season rolled out with Meri struggling with her relationship with her husband. Yet, it seems she’s on board with Kody Brown’s move. So what’s really going on with this first wife of the husband of four today?

Sister Wives: Show Is Top Concern for Kody Brown But What About Meri Brown?

Above all, the show seems to be a priority for Kody Brown. So much so that when it was canceled a few seasons back, he negotiated a salary cut for the adults in his family. Reports indicate that Kody’s desperation led him to do Sister Wives cheap. The negotiations allegedly came down to TLC paying the amount of only one original SW salary. But it was for all five of the adults.

With the show dangling on a cancelation would TLC sign them with one of the key co-stars missing? So If Meri hadn’t agreed to do this new season of Sister Wives would Kody Brown still have his show? This could be the reason Meri is still there.

Despite not having a relationship with Kody Brown and two other wives Janelle Christine, and Robyn Brown, Meri stayed. As you can see in the post below, three adoring wives look on as Kody talks off camera. But Meri doesn’t seem at all fascinated with what her husband has to say.

Relationships Disappeared

On the last episode of Sister Wives, Meri and Christine both talked about the lack of connection with one another as well as the other wives. Meri said she has no relationship with her husband so it is hard for her to consider herself a sister wife to the three other women in Kody’s life.

Along with Meri Brown admitting she’s feeling like an outcast, the signs are all there for her to make an eventual leap of faith away from the Sister Wives world. It looks like Kody, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine all thought so at one point this season.

Sister Wives Spouses Living Miles Apart – For a Reason

Watchers wondered what the purchase of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn meant for Meri Brown. After all, it’s a venture she did all on her own. Was the inn part of Meri’s future escape plan from the plural marriage? Today’s headlines have the four wives of Kody Brown living miles apart from one another.

But that’s not an indication of the marriages falling apart. Before Kody Brown and the clan made their move, everyone knew they’d have to rent or buy homes that weren’t together. It’s almost impossible to find four homes next to each other unless you get there first as a new complex goes up. Or if you buy lots and build your own, which is what Kody Brown and his wives plan to do.

An Empty Nester

With her only daughter living in Chicago and engaged to marry, this Sister Wives spouse is an empty nester. So there’s no reason to hang around Flagstaff unless she wants to. Meri doesn’t seem to have a reason to stay. If you’ve followed the show this season you can see why.

Even if the wives are all in the same room, it’s clear to see that Meri doesn’t feel like part of the Sister Wives family anymore. The question – is Meri there just so they can continue on with the reality show?

Meri Brown – All Her Ducks In a Row

The first wife of Kody Brown might have an exit plan for when the show is finally canceled. Meri Brown has not one, but two successful businesses under her wing. She loves her clothing line gig where she gets to travel to conferences. Then there’s the bed and breakfast, which was just named “The Best Country Inn” by The Official Best Of Utah. 

All the signs are there. It looks like Meri could become an independent woman outside of her plural marriage once Sister Wives the show retires for good. Chances are fans of Meri Brown won’t know her true future plans until the reality show is taken off the air for good. If it is her plan to leave, Meri Brown certainly has all her ducks in a row to do so.

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