‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Sees Stars – Kody Brown Has Egg On His Face

Sister Wives fans are overjoyed as Meri Brown becomes a star beyond the reality show, which leaves Kody Brown haunted by his own words today. It also looks like the SW fans who find Kody Brown as controlling and a bit self-absorbed, now see Karma in the works.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown the Naysayer

Meri Brown made her dream come true despite the constant friction she got from Kody Brown. The other wives appeared to back Meri on her B&B venture when face to face with her on Sister Wives. But in the end, they followed Kody’s lead.

Fans got to see Meri in a lonely struggle to open Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While these SW episodes filmed many months ago, the season just started a few weeks ago. So in reality, the B&B has been up and running for just over a year now. Those stars Meri sees today, are the four and five-star ratings her business received this year from some big names. And… there’s something else she’s achieved as well.

Mother-In-Law Problems

So what’s all the hoopla about today over the new B&B Inn? Meri Brown worked hard to get this business going. But when the dust settled, as a new business owner this Sister Wives star was petrified about making her venture a success. Meri has a huge mortgage to pay and to do that she needed the rooms to fill up with guests.

During the time Meri worked hard to buy the dwelling, she had a naysayer on her back – Kody Brown. He had problems with Meri moving her mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, into the B&B. Kody saw Bonnie as occupying a room that should be used for making money with guests. Kody’s negativity came through loud and clear in the first few Sister Wives episodes this season.

Kody Basks in the Glory that Belongs to Meri Brown

Kody complained on SW that Meri Brown could never run Lizzie’s from a distance. At the time they still lived in Las Vegas. This happened before the Sister Wives patriarch rattled the family with the news they were moving to Flagstaff. Meri’s husband didn’t seem to see this new venture as positive in any way.

Kody’s negative quips about the B&B were seen in the last few Sister Wives TLC episodes. Once hearing Kody’s take on this, fans shared their predictions across social media. Several mentioned that if Meri’s B&B did pan out as a success Kody would be there to bask in the glory.

Egg on Kody’s Face – As Meri Hits Top

Well, it looks like the head of this Sister Wives family now has egg on his face. Not only has Lizzie’s done well, but Meri’s B&B is also named “The Best Country Inn” by The Official Best Of Utah. Not to mention it has earned four and five-star ratings from TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Facebook. Now that spells success!

This Inn means so much more to Meri Brown than just a business. The house was 1870 in Parowan, Utah, by Meri’s ancestors. She named the inn after her great-grandmother Lizzie. Despite Meri’s fame, she didn’t inflate the price for a stay at the inn.

B&B Has Country Charm

Guests have their choice of one of the four rooms detailed with old-fashion charm. But they still offer modern amenities. The guest rooms include the Bee Room, the East Room, the Grandma Room, and Sarah’s Room. The rates (subject to change) range from $125 to $155 per night. This depends on which guest room you choose.

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn website indicates guests will find it luxurious.

Kody Brown Injects Himself Into Meri’s Proud Moment on Sister Wives

So it looks like Kody Brown’s naysaying comes back to haunt him. SW Fans took to social media to congratulate Meri Brown on her success. They also shamed Kody after seeing Sunday night’s episode where he injected himself into Meri’s glory at the B8B grand opening.

On Sunday night’s show, fans of Sister Wives watched as Kody Brown greeted the people from the community as if he were the owner. When it came time for the ribbon cutting, Kody grabbed onto those large scissors with Meri Brown. It appeared he wasn’t about to play second fiddle to Meri’s success.

Now with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn rising to the top for accommodations in Utah, the patriarch of the family might see the error of his ways. Even if he does, chances are Kody may find a way to put a spin on it so he comes out smelling like a rose. Watch the new season of SW on TLC Sunday nights.

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