‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown Telling Kody ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ with New Photo?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like she’s having the time of her life on a Caribbean cruise judging be her social media updates. It looks like Kody Brown‘s wife, Meri, shared her latest post right before she’s headed out on a bike ride with “these guys”.

The guys she mentioned are four attractive men. As Meri Brown stands in the middle of four handsome fellas, it is possible she’s poking Kody Brown. Maybe she’s letting him know that she’s having a great time without him…

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shows Off Handsome Friends

They say what goes around comes around and Meri Brown’s put up with quite a bit from Kody Brown through the years. Meri, along with Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, dealt with Kody’s teenage-like crush on Robyn Brown when she first entered the family.

While Kody Brown seemed to level out a bit, social media is overrun with comments that Robyn Brown seems his ongoing favorite. Still, the first wife’s recent post (seen below) has her looking quite content. This pic came on the heels of Kody making lonely posts online.

It looks like he’s down a few wives, according to Kody’s updates. With Meri Brown and Christine Brown both cruising along with their Lularoe co-workers and Janelle babysitting Axel in North Carolina, Flagstaff is almost void of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Gets Some Food for Thought?

The snap above of Meri Brown and four gentlemen friends isn’t the first photo she’s posted of herself with male companions. Seems some folks online ask if this Sister Wives spouse is possibly trying to make Kody Brown jealous.

Also, there are many fans urging Meri to leave her plural marriage. So, it seems some watchers of the TLC plural marriage show are happy to see Meri live it up without the Brown patriarch. Especially after the first half of this Sister Wives season had Meri often in tears.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Lonely Back Home on Dry Land

Meri Brown keeps her fans well-informed of every leg of her journey so far. It started from the time she left, posting a pic of Meri and her friends in the car. Then she tweeted from Puerto Rico and then from the ship while sailing the high seas.

In almost every photo, she’s with friends and family. One of the photos had Maddie Brown Brush standing next to the first wife of the Sister Wives clan. Maddie is very active with Lularoe online and this was is a business cruise.

Christine posted a pic of herself as her daughters dropped her off to go on a cruise. The Sister Wives fans heard nothing else from Christine via social. She hasn’t posted a photo of herself yet from any tropical ports of call.

Co-Spouses Avoiding Each Other on the High Seas?

It’s hard to believe that Christine is on the cruise as she doesn’t show up in any of Meri’s group pictures. But Sister Wives viewers did see Christine tell Meri Brown this season that she’s uncomfortable around her.

So, maybe the two spouses of Kody Brown decided to stay out of each others’ way. Those cruise ships are big enough that they don’t have to bump into each other around every corner. One thing is for sure – Meri doesn’t seem lonely at all on this trip.

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