‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Not Looking Lonely – But Kody Brown Tweets He Is?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks to be living it up on her Caribbean cruise in new pics and a video. Yet Kody Brown is tweeting loneliness. So, Meri Brown is with a group of work friends, a fellow sister wife, and one of the family’s many kids.

You can see in the pic above one of Meri’s pals on the trip who’s also featured heavily in her videos. She didn’t name the guy, but he seems like a real hoot in her Insta stories. Also on the cruise ship are Madison Brown Brush and Christine Brown. Here’s the latest on Meri’s adventures on the high seas.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wives Hit the Road – Meri Brown Tweets Start of Journey

At last, the recent tweets from Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown finally fall into place. The Sister Wives clan seems to be spread all over the place judging by recent social media activity.

Meri Brown captured the first leg of her trip in a car. She posted a pic that showed her and a group of Lularoe co-workers and friends together. Meri revealed she was in Puerto Rico headed to a cruise ship that would take her and friends to the Caribbean.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown Tweet Departures Too

Then Christine Brown posted a similar picture of herself in a car with her daughters. It looked like they were taking their mom to the airport. She said on the post her girls were sending her off on her way to a cruise. That’s it – Sister Wives Christine was not heard from again online since leaving to board the ship.

Now Janelle’s recent tweet fits into this cruise as well. But she’s not on the boat. Janelle’s latest post put her on the way to North Carolina to visit her grandson, Axel. So while Meri and Christine are on the ship, Janelle’s down south with her grandson.

Sister Wives: Another Party Heard From

Then yesterday, a pic of Meri and Maddie Brown together on the ship popped up on Instagram. They were on the cruise together, according to the caption.

So it looks like Janelle is in North Carolina to babysit her grandson. She’s probably helping out while Maddie, the tot’s mom, goes on this business cruise. Meri, Christine, and Maddie all work for Lularoe.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Maddie Brown

Kody Brown Lonely Without Sister Wives

Next, came a tweet from Kody Brown. The Sister Wives patriarch claims he is lonely with his wives away. So it looks like Kody Brown is without three of his wives today.

Seems this leaves only Robyn Brown and at least a dozen kids at home with Kody. Fans of the reality show chimed in on the internet asking how he can be lonely with all those kids at home.

Sister Wives: Why Isn’t Christine in Meri’s Pics?

Maddie and Meri Brown show up in a pic together on this cruise – but where’s Christine Brown? She doesn’t show up in Meri’s pictures so far. All the Sister Wives fans got from Christine is that she’s headed to the cruise. After that, she goes dark about her whereabouts across her social media sites.

Meri Brown seems to be enjoying herself immensely on this trip, which is evident from the photos and video. Furthermore, her fans are loving this. She’s in the video above with the same friend that shows up in a few other pictures that Meri posted online since starting this trip.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Is Kody Jealous as Well as Lonely?

After seeing Meri Brown in the pictures and videos online, maybe Kody Brown is a little bit jealous as well as feeling lonely. While Meri looks like she’s having a ball with her friends sailing the ocean, Kody is at home on dry land. Stay tuned – there’s surely more to come for Meri Brown when it comes to her cruise.

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