‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Posts Cryptic Message For Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown made a splash online with fans when she posted a picture with a caption that some see as a snub to Kody Brown. She never looked happier in the picture while sharing her affection with her dog. Meri Brown also passed along her thoughts how “there’s nothing like the true love of a dog.”

Sister Wives Meri Brown Finds Unconditional Love With Dog – Unlike Kody Brown?

The message probably wouldn’t have created such a buzz if it wasn’t posted on Valentine’s Day. That’s a day you expect notes of love for that special someone in your life. Instead of wooing the Sister Wives patriarch, Meri Brown shares how there’s nothing like a dog’s love.

The SW fans agreed with the sentiments Meri Brown posted about a canine. Some kept the conversation strictly to their four-legged friends. But others took the liberty of making comparisons to life with Kody Brown vs. life with a dog. With the dog coming up as the winner the majority of the time. Due to a pup’s tendency to give unconditional love.

Sister Wive: Meri Brown

Kody Missing From All Wives Holiday Greetings?

It doesn’t look like any of the Sister Wives women married to Kody Brown remembered him on Valentine’s Day. At least not on social media. Meri Brown paid tribute to the love of her dog. At the same time, Christine Brown whipped up a holiday table full of treats. She took a picture of it and posted it online.

It looked like Christine went all out with a special breakfast for her Sister Wives family. She had waffles, whipped cream, strawberries, and all kinds of other toppings. She covered all ages, including gummy bears for the younger set. All this… but there was no mention of Kody.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

A Waffle Breakfast, Dinner, and Engagement Announcement But… No Kody

Janelle Brown tweeted something about having dinner out with her crew a few nights before the holiday. It sounded as if she meant the Sister Wives crew from TLC. But again – there’s nothing said about Kody Brown.

Robyn Brown’s social media post made an announcement. Robyn posted on her Instagram page “Our daughter @mariahbrwn is engaged to her true love @audreykriss!”

It looks like Robyn beat Meri Brown to the punch on that Sister Wives announcement. Although Mariah Brown did post it on her Instagram earlier in the day.

Still, none of Kody Brown’s spouses posted the kind of sweet nothings online you’d expect for their Valentine. Was he snubbed by the women in his life?

Love is to Share Not Divide?

Kody’s motto is heard on the opening credits of the Sister Wives show. He claims love shouldn’t divide, it should be shared. So you would think Valentine’s Day is a big event for Kody, Christine, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri Brown.

Then again maybe it’s because he has four wives that he lays low on his holiday. He can’t just take one out for a romantic dinner. It’s an unwritten rule in the Sister Wives households that you can’t romance one wife in front of the others. So a romantic dinner for five probably wouldn’t work.

Kody Was Mum as Well

It might be a day that jealousy tends to pop up among the Sister Wives. Either way, it doesn’t look like even one of Kody Brown’s wives acknowledged him as their Valentine on the holiday made for lovers.

So it looks like the SW ladies neglected to send a note of love to Kody online for the holiday. But, there doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgment of the day by Kody either.

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