‘Sister Wives’: Meri Flippant With Kody Brown – Tears Flow In New Episode [Video]

Sister Wives rolls out another new episode Sunday night and it looks like Kody Brown turns the tables on Meri Brown again. After last week’s trip to Flagstaff with Meri, it looked like this relationship warmed up a bit. It appears that’s changed on this Sunday night’s new episode – “Divided We Move.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown at Odds?

It looks like it didn’t take long for Kody Brown and possibly one or more of his wives to undo progress. In one of the several Sister Wives sneak preview scenes, Meri Brown looks rattled. It also appears as if she’s back to standing on the sidelines of this family.

Kody packed up the entire Brown family and paraded the family to Flagstaff. There they looked at the property choices for their big move. In previous episodes, Meri, Christine, and Robyn had Kody all to themselves for this trip. He took them one at a time to Flagstaff property shopping.

Anger Pops Up in ‘Divided We Move’

Christine and Robyn Brown like Coyote Pass. But Kody and Meri Brown found Cottonwood a better choice for a new homestead site. Sure, the adults in the Sister Wives family stand divided but wait until you see how the kids react to the pending move.

With the adults at odds on where to move, Janelle Brown gets the deciding vote. What Janelle does with that tie-breaking vote surprises everyone, according to the Sister Wives preview.

Decision-Making Process Puts a Few Sister Wives Tears

While Meri looked happier than she had in a long time during last week’s episode, something changes. Her playful flirting with Kody Brown turns to tears and a flippant remark this week.

The Sister Wives adults hold a family meeting. They sit around the table in one of the Vegas homes. Meri Brown cries during this meeting. Then the camera pans over to a tearful Christine as well.  Nope, these folks are not happy campers.

Meri On Shaky Ground

The full extent of the Sister Wives spouses’ conversation is unknown. That is until Sunday night’s show rolls out. But when the first wife of this plural marriage breaks out in tears this gets confusing. But a few different suggestions pop-up for Meri’s unhappiness.

One theory suggests that Meri has reservations about moving. Some critiques suggest it’s her attitude that creates concern for the other spouses. Is this what lead her to tears?

At one point it also sounds like Meri Brown had enough. Whatever goes on during this Sister Wives meeting seems to put Meri in a bad mood. Kody says to Meri, “It feels like we’re moving on without you”. Meri replies, “Whatever,” before the scene cuts out.

The Big Decision

Did the location of Cottonwood that Meri picked get the thumbs down? Is the family now moving to Coyote Pass? Also on this week’s Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown makes an offer on one of the two properties. The previews note that he gets a sobering response to his offer.

SW viewers know that the family eventually moves to Flagstaff, as that’s where they live today in real-time. But getting the family there wasn’t easy, especially since they couldn’t decide on a location at first.

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