‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Dangles Romance Carrot – Kody Brown Bites

Sister Wives rolled out Sunday night with Meri Brown taking the bull by the horns with Kody Brown before he ever knew what hit him. It was Meri’s turn to take a solo trip to Flagstaff. So when she set out with this husband of four, she also took over the task of setting the boundaries.

Meri Brown called the shots. Starting with asking Kody Brown what bed he wanted when first entering the hotel room. Right then and there it was like saying – we are sleeping in separate beds. Although this didn’t detour Meri from flirting with her husband during this episode of Sister Wives. 

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shows Kody Brown the Ropes

Meri Brown took over, it was clear she set the tone for the level of romance. It would go as far as she wanted it to and no further. But at the same time, she took the opportunity to tease Kody in a flirtatious way.

At one point during Sunday’s Sister Wives, Kody Brown discussed the different states where they’ve lived. Kody pointed out how Meri’s home was Utah, meaning this is the state she came from. In an endearing yet fleeting scene, she turned to say that her home has always been with him.


Kody Brown Tongue-Tied

Meri Brown pushed it even further at times as they toured the different properties. The Sister Wives patriarch said he felt “magic” at one of the locations. She chimed in and asked if he felt magic with her. When Kody replied yes, he loved that place, Meri Brown then asked “and me,” which Kody did give an answer that suggested he loves her too.

The funny part about Meri taking the driver seat in their relationship during this trip is that she left her husband tongue-tied at times. For a man who has a number of women in his life, he was so unequipped to handle the flirting his first wife threw his way.

Pair of Old Comfortable Shoes

For the veteran viewers of Sister Wives, it seemed Meri Brown easily fell back into that first wife position during this trip. Kody ran a few things by her before he spoke to the other wives. Just like it used to be for Meri and Kody before things went sour.

The patriarch of the Brown brood wants to move all his wives and children into one home. So he ran his wish by Meri first. While she loved living in one house back before Robyn arrived, she recently learned the others didn’t. She put the lid on the one house for Kody Brown. Check out how the dynamics were different almost a decade ago in an early interview of the Sister Wives clan seen below.

First Wife has Her Own Thoughts

Robyn and Christine heard angels’ singing at one perspective new home location. So, they were fine with moving there. Instead, Meri Brown liked another property. Yep, Meri took care of herself in this episode. She didn’t just go along for the ride. To the online Sister Wives fans of this first wife, it seemed like a breath of fresh air.

To top it off, Meri’s seduction-like quips during that trip seemed to work magic on Kody. It looked like she swayed the patriarch with her flirting but not only in the romance department. By the time they returned from that trip Meri Brown had Kody Brown on her side when it came to the properties. He liked her choice the best!

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