‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Hair Ignites Frenzy – Clip-On Man-Bun?

Sister Wives fans are talking about Kody Brown‘s hair as if it is a separate entity today that’s taken on a role of its own this season. When Season 13 first rolled out, the patriarch of the Brown clan apologized in advance. Kody told the fans that his hair “only gets worse” as the future SW episodes play out. It’s probably safe to say now – he wasn’t kidding.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Was Upfront About His Hair

For one thing, it looked like Kody Brown could foresee the future in a post on social media. He shared this post just as this new Sister Wives season got underway. It was obvious to him that his hair wasn’t looking too dapper.

It sounds like he knew that his hair would spark a conversation or two online. So why didn’t he fix it? It’s still the same in the real-time photos posted today online.

Kody Has Four Wives – Didn’t They Say Anything?

Sister Wives viewers don’t understand how a man with four wives can walk out of the house like this. Why didn’t someone give him a hint that this wasn’t a good look for him?

Seems like a few theories are floating around online about that as well. If Kody Brown doesn’t look appealing, as the online SW comments suggest, maybe this helps in family planning? Could this look guard against Kody enticing a potential fifth wife? If his wives kept mum, this might be the reason?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Hair

Better Than a Comb Over?

All kinds of tips online emerged this week suggesting how Kody Brown can fix that odd look he’s got going on. Viewers of the Sister Wives show suggest it’s time to fix the dandelion that’s gone to seed-look on top of his head. That’s just one of the many descriptions of Kody Bown’s hair bubbling up online.

Hey, at least he hasn’t tried the desperate comb-over thing as of yet. Besides critiquing his mane of hair, people surmise why he’s wearing it this way.

Some folks think he just couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted a haircut or not. So, for this reason, he only got it partially cut. Other’s say it looks like he’s battling his hair loss with hair extensions.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Hair

Man-Bun – Clump of Hair Making a Buzz

Then there’s the man-bun. Believe it or not, there’s actually a few comments in support for this clump of hair. Still, it seems the majority of the Kody Brown man-bun comments suggest this look failed. Not only do some fans think Kody wears hair-extensions but now a clip-on man bun emerges.

It didn’t take long for this odd product to emerge pop up among the Sister Wives comments. It looks like there is such a thing as “clip-on” man-buns. Apparently, they come in handy for giving the illusion of a hair erection on top of the head. Does the man with the four wives have a man-bun in is dresser drawer?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Clip-On Man Bun

Pin the Hair on Top of Kody’s Head?

Kody’s hair is grabbing so much attention today that a suggestion emerged that maybe someone should make a game out of it. Kind of like pin the tail on the donkey.

But instead – pin the hair on top of the head of Kody Brown. Yep, the online world is having a field day with the Sister Wives patriarch’s hair and lack of it in some places.

It’s not known whether or not Kody Brown got a warning from his four Sister Wives co-stars about this look. Maybe he did but decided to ignore it. Still, if the Sister Wives spouses wanted to keep Kody from enticing yet another wife his way – this hairdo just might do it.

But there’s at least one in the crowd who thinks the patriarch of this plural marriage “rocks” his man-bun. The season still has a way to go and it looks like Kody Brown and his hair does as well!

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