‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Sacred Bed Remark Creeps Out Groom?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown offered a rather embarrassing quip in his role as the father of the bride on Sunday night’s show. His remark was so bizarre that he actually stumped the groom for a reply.

Sister Wives: Father of the Bride Kody Brown

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson’s wedding was filmed several months ago. The event aired Sunday night in a new episode for the latest SW season. Aspyn made a beautiful bride and Mitch looked so handsome in his Scottish kilt. Then there was Kody Brown.

Early on in Sunday’s Sister Wives episode, Kody’s mindset seemed clear. It looked as if he had a hard time stepping aside to let the cameras focus on just the wedding. His need for attention appeared to take over. Kody Brown’s tendency to act like the cool dad may have backfired a few times as the ceremony drew near.

SW: Kody Delivers Jaw-Dropping Quip to Mitch Thompson

Kody, Mitch, and the rest of the men got dressed for the wedding in the honeymoon cottage. It’s the same cottage where the bride and groom would later spend their first night together as man and wife. Kody plays it up for the Sister Wives camera as soon as they arrive.

Just minutes after they walk into the cottage Kody blurts out – “Don’t touch that sacred bed” and his giddy laugh follows that comment. Mitch, is left speechless. He said in his narration of the scene – “that’s a bit of an odd comment to make and I just don’t have anything to reply to it.”

This is the bride’s father who’s giggling over a bed his daughter will share with her new husband. Kody Brown appears to revert into a teenager-like mode with the actions that follow.

Sister Wives: Squeezes the Life Out of Underwear

From the day that kilt arrived, Kody Brown seems to demonstrate a bizarre infatuation with underwear. He continues to squeeze the life out of jokes about what’s worn under his kilt. He reaches his peak of jokes as he dresses for the wedding. This is Mitch’s big day but at times it seems the Sister Wives patriarch takes over.

Once the “going commando” jokes subside, Kody starts fishing for compliments. Now the groom is getting ready for his big day, yet his future father-in-law continues to interrupt him. “How do I look,” “is this too tight,” along with a slew of other questions Kody asks. All the questions were about himself.

SW: Papa Brown Didn’t get the Memo?

In contrast to Kody,  Aspyn’s four moms get that this is her big day and they leave all the limelight for her. But apparently, Kody didn’t read that memo. That unwritten memo that describes this day is for the bride and the groom. It’s not about Kody Brown or his hair. But that didn’t stop him from giving an impromptu course on how he tames his curls.

It’s evident that Kody needs attention. The husband of four often gets attention with some needy-like actions from his four wives. But his wives weren’t there to help. So it seems as if Mitch got stuck fielding all the questions usually reserved for the Sister Wives spouses.

Aspyn is the third daughter to marry from the Brown brood. So you would think Kody Brown would realize by now it’s not only his daughter’s special day but his future son-in-law’s as well.

Sister Wives: Teenager Hormones?

Once Kody was through demonstrating how his underwear shows when he bends over, he’s finally ready to go. He has his mind set on making a splash on that dance floor after the vows. Yep, Kody Brown sure knows how to soak up the Sister Wives limelight.

The father of 18 kids appears stuck with the mindset of a teenager after sharing his bed and underwear jokes this episode. As far as Mitch – not only was he a handsome groom for his beautiful bride, but he was a gentleman on top of it all. Even when Kody got out of line with that joke about the “sacred bed,” Mitch remained quiet.

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