‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Goes Too Far With Scottish Kilt?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown suddenly became an expert on a Scottish kilt when he was asked to wear one for his daughter’s wedding. Sunday night’s episode of the show filmed while Aspyn Brown and her husband-to-be, Mitch Thompson, prepared for their wedding. Mitch wanted to honor his Scottish heritage by wearing a kilt and he asked Kody to do the same.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown an Instant Expert on Kilts

This week on Sister Wives, Mitch Thompson accompanied Aspyn Brown to surprise Kody Brown with a kilt. But instead of saying thank you, Papa Brown took over. He told Mitch that he did some research and men wear hiking or combat-like boots with a kilt. This is a wedding, so Mitch told him his future father-in-law that shoes and socks were more appropriate.

Then Kody Brown told him black shoes and white socks are what he’ll wear. No, Mitch had in mind black socks and black shoes. Still, Kody needed to have the last word. “Black socks? That’s not what I’ve seen,” Kody pipes in. He just can’t let Mitch have his moment – Kody has to be in charge.

This prompted people from across social media sites to chime in to show Kody Brown just how a real kilt should look. Much like the post below.

Nothing Underneath – Just a Breeze?

Then Kody Brown continues on about the kilt. He’s especially focused on what he’ll wear or not wear underneath the garment. He also talks into the Sister Wives camera to say tradition dictates that you don’t wear anything under a kilt. The kilt is your covering. Then he makes a face like he’s a teenager saying something naughty.

The Sister Wives patriarch was just kidding around, but he did this in front of his daughter. Sure, Aspyn is a young woman but she is his daughter never the less. This joking about not wearing underwear and describing dancing without an undergarment was odd.

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson Uncomfortable?

Thankfully the patriarch reeled himself back in before going any further. He then suggests if he’s having a dance-off at the wedding he needs to wear underwear. It looked like Mitch Thompson and Aspyn Brown bordered on uncomfortable especially with the Sister Wives patriarch’s rather risque joke.

Next, Kody Brown tried to get Mitch to go along with his joke. He says to Mitch – “you thought I was a smaller man than I am.” He then directs Mitch to say – “some men are bigger than others,” but Mitch doesn’t seem too happy about this.

But the future groom says it. Kody takes that as his cue to say – “Ahh – been talking to her mother lately.” The last thing his daughter probably wants is to hear her father make jokes about his manhood package.

Dial It In – A Broken Record?

It also looks like Kody Brown found a new saying he likes. Well, he must like it – he said it enough times throughout the show. “Dial it in” he repeated on the Sister Wives episode like it was a new cool thing to say. Instead of saying he needs to figure something out – he’d “dial it in.”

Yep, Kody Brown did it again. He completely took over the moment when his daughter and future son-in-law came with the kilt. Apparently, it is still on his mind because after Sunday’s show he’s tweeting about it and the wedding has come and gone.

What’s Up With That?

One more thing – what word did Sister Wives producers need to beep out when Kody Brown told his kids to stay out of the dirt in Coyote Pass. He said to the kids that prairie dogs – (beep) – is poisonous.

Then he warns them to stay away from the dirt. He was talking to tiny kids, preschoolers, and grade school aged kids. So if they beeped it, apparently it’s not an appropriate word for prime-time TV.

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