‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Warns His Hair Gets Worse – Tells Fans Sorry

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently apologized about his hair on social media after a never-ending parade of insults were posted about his mop top. He also gave fair warning that his hair only gets worse as the season rolls along. This had to be tough for the Brown family patriarch, as he seems to fancy himself quite the looker.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hair Pulled Apart By Fans

Since he first graced the TV screen with his many wives back in 2010, Kody Brown has infatuated many viewers. It usually has something to with the way he governs his family that gets the attention. Watching a man with four wives does have its entertainment value or TLC wouldn’t air 13 seasons of Sister Wives.

Along with the polygamy lifestyle, fans find Kody himself entertaining. The man with lots of wives and 18 kids still has a tendency to act like a teenager at times. Kody Brown also has the habit of pouting when things don’t go his way. But this season something different caught fan attention – his unruly hair.

Kody Lambasted Over New Hairdo

If it’s not just the man bun fans find unappealing, it’s also Kody Brown’s wild-look when he wears his hair down. He seems to think of himself a ladies man. Considering he has four wives that might be an understatement.

Furthermore, he also appears to take a lot of stock in the way he looks. So the flood of hair comments from Sister Wives fans seems to go against the image he has of himself. With that said, it appears these insults regarding his coiffure did not go unnoticed by Kody Brown.

Kody’s Too Old For a Man Bun?

The online comments also suggested he is just a bit too old for that man bun. Social media users also called his hair “dirty-looking” when he leaves it down, giving him that wild-like look. The insults online run the gambit when it comes to Kody’s hair.

It looks like Kody Brown decided to get proactive. He offered up a warning to the Sister Wives viewers so they know what to expect for the remainder this new season.

Fans Get Apology For Up and Coming Bad Hair Days

Now that Kody’s new hairdo didn’t make the grade with fans, he’s saying he’s sorry. While he thanked the very few fans who gave him compliments online about his new look, he also warned the critics. Kody Brown suggests his hair only looks worse as the new episodes roll out.

For the hoard of fans who bashed Kody’s new hairstyle, there’s not a thing he can do about it this season. The new episodes were taped months ago. So this means the fans are stuck watching Kody Brown in his man bun and that gone-to-seed-look when his hair is down.

Sister Wives: Husband Kody Brown Hair Interrupted

Fans of Sister Wives won’t be seeing Kody’s hair this Sunday night or any of the stars hairdos for that matter. A new episode won’t air on TLC until next week. Chances are it’s the Super Bowl that had something to do with that choice for the network.

It’s hard to compete with one of the biggest watched shows of the year. It looks like Sister Wives gives way to a marathon of TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper – The Poppy Bowl instead. Comcast customers are in luck as Season 13 Episode 3 “Kody Wants Out” is On-Demand Now. This episode won’t air until February 14 on TLC.

The new season of Sister Wives airs Sunday Nights on TLC.  Come back to Soap Dirt for all the current Sister Wives spoilers, updates, and news.