‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Foot in Mouth Once Almost Ended Show

The driving force behind Sister Wives is Kody Brown, as the patriarch of this plural marriage, his tenacity keeps them filming season after season. With almost a decade of fans comments pulling him every which way, he had to develop a thick skin. But at one point Kody Brown did something on the air that almost brought the house down around him. At least as far as the viewers were concerned. This put Kody Brown in a frame of mind where he pondered backing out of the show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Rattled This Time Around

Kody Brown does have the tendency to put his foot in his mouth from time to time. He’s one man with four women so when he inadvertently says something that is inconsiderate to women in general, he’s got to navigate the wrath of four spouses. While Sister Wives viewers have seen Kody Brown speak before he thinks in the past, there’s one incident that almost ended the show for the patriarch of the Brown clan.

It was back in the 2015 season of the show. It seems the Sister Wives patriarch managed to make himself a target of angry viewers nationwide. This was an incident where Kody took an insult to a new level. But he did it without realizing what he did at the time. It occurred during an on-air argument with his third wife, Christine Brown. What Kody said brought on a flood of irate comments. The fans’ reprimands rattled him enough that he contemplated ending Sister Wives.

Blowback Hit Him Hard

After five years on Sister Wives back in 2015, the negative blowback got to him after he went an insensitive comment too far. The patriarch became a target of negative comments as what he said really riled up his viewers. His PMS remarks threw viewers for a loop and they let him know this.

During his argument with Christine on the show, he suggested she wasn’t “being responsible with how [she was] behaving.” He told the Sister Wives cameras how PMS rendered his wives “insane”. This left Kody a sitting duck as the online world came down on him.

Husbands say insensitive things to their wives and some do so without even realizing it. But that’s usually in the privacy of your own home where you work it out with that one woman. In Kody’s case, he needs to work it out with four women and a ton of people in the Sister Wives audience.

Sister Wives: Time to Jump Ship

When this happened Kody seriously talked about getting out of the Sister Wives fishbowl on TV. The storm of online comments hit him so hard that he called it his breaking point at the time. But during the Tell All segment for that season he owned up to his mistake and he didn’t end the show.

Kody said he realized he was insensitive and he wasn’t very responsible himself when it came to his behavior in that incident. He claimed he apologized to his wife Christine “about the whole experience”. Papa Brown then said he didn’t understand much about PMS. He also said that he was sorry that his comments became “polarizing” and “offensive.” So even though Kody talked to his wives about pulling his family out of the Sister Wives show, he didn’t. But it was the one time he became very close to doing so.

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