‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown With Cameras and Four Wives In Tow – Filming New Season?

Sister Wives fans know all too well that the first sign another season is in the works is Kody Brown with a camera crew in tow. Folks see the Brown brood with a film crew long before TLC offers up the official word that a new season is on its way. But this time it looks like TLC might have pulled a fast one. As the Sister Wives viewers kept an eye out for the camera crew to show up in Flagstaff, it looks like they moved the shooting location. Or at least the location as they start off filming.

Sister Wives: Cameras Following Kody Brown Usually Means New Season

According to the local news media in Chicago, Kody Brown and his four wives were in the windy city filming over Memorial Day Weekend. They visited Kody and Meri’s daughter Mariah Brown and her fiancee’ Audrey Brown. It looks like Mariah also offered a hint to the filming on her Instagram account a while ago. She posted a caption on her Instagram Story indicating – “filming today”. Folks surmised she meant filming Sister Wives.

Then Meri Brown cropped up in a picture with Mariah and Audrey. She was visiting Chicago to see her daughter. So the clues were there. But this is the first time the TLC Sister Wives’ camera crews were confirmed around the Kody Brown clan. It doesn’t seem feasible for TLC to cancel the show especially after all they left hanging in the last season. Even the ending of season 13 offered hints another season would follow.

Cliffhangers Galore

The Sister Wives cliffhangers start out as several unanswered questions for the next season. If the series was canceled they probably wouldn’t have left so many things to wonder about. For instance, Meri and Kody working on their relationship gathered a lot of attention. Fans don’t know how that is going.

Sure the headlines say it’s not doing well but then pictures posted online show Meri with Kody and the other wives looking very content. So it’s much better to hear it and see it play out on the screen than to piece it all together from the rumors online. Then there’s that Kody Brown mansion he wants to build for the entire Sister Wives family to dwell in.

Sister Wives Monstrous House

That monster of a Sister Wives house also got a lot of attention last season, although it was only on paper. But Kody hired a draftsperson to draw up blueprints for a house that included four separate living quarters.

Then there’s Ysabel Brown, who went through a grueling exercise regiment in hopes of keeping her scoliosis from progressing. It seemed the doctors thought she would need surgery in the future. Now with a new family photo circulating online showing Ysabel in a wheelchair fans want to know if she did have that surgery.

TLC hasn’t offered up a yeah or nay on another Sister Wives season so far. But with cameras following around the Sister Wives tribe, that pretty much answers the question for the fans.

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