‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Rescues Kody Brown’s Reputation Once Again?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown once again demonstrates to Kody Brown, her co-spouses, and her fans just how important she is to this family. Although the fans don’t need too much convincing as many believe Sister Wives wouldn’t last on-air without Meri Brown.

Meri Brown isn’t playing the part superhero. But in a roundabout way, she’s the next best thing for the Sister Wives brood. Meri never puts any of her family members down.

Not even after that one instance last season when she endured a rather brutal verbal attack from Christine Brown. Instead, Meri opted to let her Sister Wives co-spouse know that her attempt at brutal honesty went a bit too far.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Good for Kody Brown?

The original Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, never openly begrudges having to pool her shared earnings. Even when it seems a couple of the Sister Wives adults don’t indulge in gainful employment. But what the fans see might not offer the real snapshot of the reality that goes on behind the scenes.

As of today, it looks like Meri carries the bulk of the family finances with her LuLaRoe affiliation and sales. Robyn Brown doesn’t appear to have anything going since she stopped taking orders from her online store at the beginning of this year.

Janelle, who has always been the smart career woman probably has more going on than it seems from her online posts. Christine seems to just dabble in LuLaRoe sales in comparison to what Meri does with this company.

Then, of course, there’s Kody, whose job seems to entail handling the family finances. So, the wives need to make those fiances for Kody to have something to handle. Or at least this is the impression coming from the Sister Wives fans.

So it appears that Meri Brown rescued Kody Brown financially. That is, unless there’s some behind the scenes business dealings unknown to the public. Today it also looks like Meri stepped in to quiet the chatter online that Kody has lost his grip on his Sister Wives life. So is Meri attempting to rescue his reputation today?

Sister Wives: Solomon Brown - Arie Brown

Reputation Rescue for Kody and the Show?

The Sister Wives headlines seem to indicate Meri Brown has newfound independence. This is something her fans applaud her for. But while she enjoys her LuLaRoe travel and building up her business, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, it looks like Kody Brown is now just an afterthought.

While Meri Brown’s followers don’t seem to mind Kody taking a back seat, it looks as if Meri might. While she didn’t pose with Kody Brown for a photo to post, she did share a selfie with Robyn and Kody’s two youngest children.

Reports indicate that Kody Brown and Robyn Brown just purchased and moved into a home costing just under $1 million. This rural Flagstaff home is reportedly where he spends the majority of his time. But again, what goes on behind the Sister Wives scenes might offer a different story. Still, now that Meri shared the two selfies with the individual kids, it softens the family situation.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Family Time is Alive and Kicking

Meri titled the posts “Family Time” so it gives the impression she stopped by to see Robyn and possibly Kody. Some die-hard fans of Sister Wives, who also champion Meri, may see these posts as a sort of rescue for the family. With all the talk about Meri jumping ship, it looks like she is showing that she’s still part of the family.

This makes sense, despite the treatment Meri got from her family on the last season, this is her family. So you can’t just turn your back on people after living like a family for 25 years. It also makes sense with a new season in the works.

If Meri wasn’t part of the Sister Wives clan, they’d probably lose a lot of viewers. So, it appears that Meri threw another rescue Kody Brown’s way whether she meant to or not. This post softens his reputation because it suggests Meri is still stopping by for visits. It also gives the show a boost.

So maybe Meri Brown does still spend more time with the Sister Wives family than people know about. Either way, it appears the matriarch of the Sister Wives just rescued Kody’s reputation once again. While headlines suggest Meri drifted away, she pulls herself right back in. This gives her shared husband the look of still managing harmony among his family. Whether that appearance is real or just a boost for the show before the next season is anybody’s guess.

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