‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Starts Over as New Season Films?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might just be softening the blow for fans about what they can expect when TLC rolls out the show’s new season. Fans believe she’s suggesting a different path these days.

It appears she’s used cryptic messages for some time now. These seem to point fans in Meri Brown’s new direction. So, if this is the case, the latest message is fairly blunt and to the point.

Sister Wives: Latest Hint Suggests Different Path For Meri Brown in New Season?

While the Sister Wives series remains on hiatus between seasons, the only communication comes via social media. Meri Brown is a frequent flyer on Instagram. Meri posts daily to keep her followers updated.

While nothing official about the new season is mentioned by TLC as of yet, two offspring of the Sister Wives clan seemed to confirm it’s in the works. It also appears the projected timeline of the premiere is sometime in January.

This estimate comes from some die-hard Sister Wives followers. Again, this is not the official word. But some veteran fans seem to know TLC’s pattern for rolling out a new season.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Starting Over With Experience Under Her Belt?

So, what is Meri Brown preparing the devoted fans of Sister Wives for? Is it “Don’t be afraid to start over”? It looks like Meri Brown might have a new start in mind.

But, like the rest of this new post suggests, she’s got experience this time around. So, if Meri does strike out on her own, which many fans think she’s already done, she does so with tons of life experience.

The starting over post followed another message about getting in the weeds. Meri Brown suggests to her fans that you can stay out of those by keeping your goals in focus.

Another little bit of her message suggests she’s not about to get “distracted by the little and unimportant things”.  That only gives the Sister Wives enthusiasts more fuel for speculation. But Meri Brown’s fans have urged her to fly solo for a while now. So, if she is starting over on her own, it won’t surprise too many but the applause will be loud.

Sister Wives: Original Matriarch Flying Solo When Filming New Season?

Hints of Meri Brown on her own while still filming the Sister Wives show have surfaced in her recent posts. The first wife of Kody Brown just got back from another LuLaRoe vacation cruise last week. When she first landed in Orlando before heading for the ship, she walked around Disney World with her work associates.

Those clues popped out from the background of an Instagram story video she posted. As Meri walked around the amusement park the same two people appeared over her shoulder. They were seen in several areas of the park trailing behind Meri Brown.

These folks appeared to be members of the Sister Wives production crew. They looked rather official, as they wore badges on a lanyard around their necks. Both carried clipboards as they followed closely behind Meri Brown and her friends.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Did Meri Already Do Some Solo Filming?

So, it looks as if Meri Brown already filmed part of the new season of Sister Wives. But, at the same time, it looks like she’s slowly informing her fans that she’s starting over. That is, of course, if her post had some personal meaning for the fan-favorite Sister Wives spouse.

Is that what fans should expect to see from Meri in the new season? If she shows more of the independence like she has online, that will rev up her fans. Breaking out on her own is something her followers encourage on a constant basis.

Many would love to see this Sister Wives matriarch leave it all behind. Fans already applaud her newfound lifestyle of doing things on her own, so if this is the case and Meri is starting over, she’ll for sure create quite a few happy campers.

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