‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shadowed as New Season Gets Creative With Filming?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown offers enough entertainment today online to have fans wondering why she doesn’t spawn a show all her own. Fans of the first wife of Kody Brown might find the new season offering more about Meri Brown than ever before.

Meri posted a clip of her latest travels and it sounds as if she’s off on another cruise. It seems she was heading for the “ship” with her LuLaRoe colleagues over the weekend when she posted a clip of the group riding in a car. They were on their way to the ship after spending some time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown – a Famous Face Among the Masses

While in Disney, Meri posted a video that’s longer than her usual Instagram stories. She was stopped by a fan for a picture during the clip, which she was happy to do. So it looks like the Sister Wives celeb is easy to approach while out and about.

Clues popped up as Meri, who seemed almost giddy as she joked with her friend, walked through the theme park. While she was funny to hear, it was what loomed over her shoulder that hinted to what was really going on.

Over the last several months, it looks like she’s become independent of her Sister Wives family. Her online posts seem void of any family members, which offers evidence of this new independence for her fans.

Meri Brown never seems to be with her family despite reports indicating a new season of Sister Wives films today. But maybe TLC has a new format in mind. There’s no denying that Meri is more independent today than during the last decade of the show.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

New Season Brings Grown-Up Storylines?

So instead of reeling the first wife into the family for the sake of the TLC show, maybe they’ve attempted something different this time around. Will Season 14 be the season of independence for Meri Brown on Sister Wives?

It would be a breath of fresh air for fans to see how the Sister Wives spouses really do go through daily life. Reports put Meri far away from the family for a good majority of the time. She makes no secret about this online.

So while Meri walked around Disney World, you could see her entourage behind her. Yes, it looked as if part of the filming crew tagged along behind the Sister Wives fan-favorite. Two women with badges around their neck on a cord and carrying clipboards showed up behind Meri. They remained a few steps behind her during every turn she made at the amusement park.

Does Meri Brown get to show off this newfound independence during the new season? Fans might appreciate a genuine look into the lives of the four wives who share Kody. Not to mention Kody himself.

Reports have the Sister Wives patriarch living with Robyn Brown almost full-time in a Flagstaff mansion they recently purchased. If that’s the case…  show it on the reality venue.

It’s been a decade now that fans watched the lifestyle of Kody and his four wives. The family grocery shopping together doesn’t appear to be a scene you’d find Meri Brown part of today. She’s traveling in planes, boats, and automobiles around the country and with friends rather than family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Four Wives Grow a Decade Older

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown are now 10-years-older since the show first premiered. Three of the wives have a quarter of a century worth of experience sharing Kody. While Robyn nears a decade in this plural marriage, she’s grown as well as a shared wife.

Couples change over time in any traditional marriage. So why wouldn’t Kody and his four wives go through changes as well? Showing these changes would offer a new and exciting season 14 of Sister Wives.

While TLC remains mum over the new season, reports from a few of the Brown family members confirm they’re filming. It looked like members of a production crew shadowing Meri Brown over the weekend.

So it appears as if Sister Wives viewers will at least get some different scenery in the new season. Fans would love to get a look at Meri as she navigates through her new independent life. So, just maybe TLC has a new story to offer for the Sister Wives clan?

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