‘Sister Wives’: Did Meri Suggest Kody is ‘Refillable’ In New Post?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown considers himself the leader of his four wives but it looks as if Meri Brown outgrew being just another follower. The hashtags alone on her online posts indicate she sees herself as a strong woman. It seems Kody might just be the object of Meri’s latest metaphor for life today.

The Sister Wives matriarch continues with her play on words over the past several days online. Fans do their best to decipher the meaning behind her open-ended posts. But without clarification from Meri Brown, assumptions build.

Sister Wives: Whose Place is ‘Refillable’ in Meri’s Future?

Meri Brown seems to have a lot to say these days as a strong and independent woman, evident by her latest online post. While the social media chatter continues, so do headlines that suggest Meri’s jumped ship as in her Sister Wives husband, Kody Brown.

Meri still offers nothing to clarify her selfie with that smiling man who has his arm around her. So, the assumptions still run rampant online today. Many believe he could be her new love interest. Especially after the rather romantic sounding caption she shared with the photo.

Fans continue to ask the Sister Wives celeb for clarification and wonder if she dumped Kody Brown. So, did Meri become so independent that she no longer wants a shared husband?

Better yet, it sounds like her life is “refillable” as her latest post seems to suggest. Can Meri Brown refill her glass after it’s drained of Kody Brown? Did she use “refillable” as a way to say she could always start over with someone new?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Keeps Tongues Wagging Online Around Kody Brown

While Meri hasn’t mentioned Kody Brown’s name for some time on her posts, fans read between the lines. This latest message posted online today. Once again it seems Sister Wives fans need to figure out what she’s trying to say. Maybe she’s addressing those who wonder about her future with Kody.

Instead of wondering if he’s in or out of her life, maybe Meri is happy to remind folks that he’s replaceable. “The glass is REFILLABLE” might mean there’s always a chance to start over for this Sister Wives co-spouse.

The proverbial phrase of looking at the glass half empty or half full is well-known. It has to do with the way people view life. Of course, those who see things as half-full are considered optimistic. With a half-empty attitude belonging to those who wade in pessimism.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Starting Over?

It looks like Meri goes beyond optimistic when it comes to a “refillable” life. Is she suggesting she’s pondering the option of starting over? First of all, the smiling man in her selfie is probably not a love interest. Most likely the guy is a friend or even a family member.

The Sister Wives first wife attended the funeral of a dear family friend recently. It appears the selfie with that man came out around that time. The first wife of Kody’s also posted a photo of her and a nephew she adores from that same road trip to the funeral.

But whether or not there’s another man in her life really isn’t the point. The point is where all these odd cryptic hints and clues lead. This Sister Wives spouse feeds her fans these posts that seem open-ended and she’s allowing them to fill in the story themselves.

After almost a decade as a reality star, she knows by now how to keep fans hooked. All the chatter around the selfie with Meri Brown and the smiling man offers evidence of this.

New Season on the Way

With reports of a new season filming, some fans suggest Meri Brown is on the promotional bandwagon with her intriguing posts. Another recent post says, “Admit it… Life would be so boring without me”. In other words, does she mean she’s giving people something to talk about?

One of the biggest events from the history of the TLC show Sister Wives had to do with Meri Brown and Kody Brown. When Meri and Kody almost called it quits, fans watched with bated breath to see what came next.

Since the relationship was still a work in process as the last season closed, fans want to see where this goes. It appears their relationship turmoil upped the ratings and continues to draw in the viewers. So, if it’s publicity the Sister Wives brood looks for ahead of the new season, Meri’s mysterious posts offer a sure-fire method.

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