‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Cash Cow Dries Up Without Meri Brown?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown reportedly is showing up with Kody Brown and family only when the cameras are rolling. New claims say Meri Brown only agreed to join the family so the show can continue on TLC.

Since the report surfaced, there seems to be some changes with Sister Wives spouses online. Kody Brown and two of his other wives stopped posting on their many social media channels.

Along with Meri Brown’s cruise posts, only Janelle Brown is present online. She continues to give updates on her babysitting gig for grandson Axel. But there’s not a peep from Kody, Robyn Brown, or Christine Brown posted in days.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Social Posts Raise Questions

With season 13 filming over, Meri Brown is on a cruise with her Lularoe business associates. Furthermore, she’s posting updates from her Caribbean ports of call. But her posts from that cruise seem to fuel even more questions about her place within the Kody Brown brood.

Meri Brown is a viable part of the Sister Wives franchise and without her, it’s hard to imagine the show would be the same. Maybe that’s the way the folks at TLC look at it as well. Fans are led to believe Meri Brown is still part of this Sister Wives clan. But is she really?

Kody Brown Needs the Money?

It seems Kody Brown was in dire need of money while he floats a ton of mortgages and a few rental homes for his family. So, reports indicate Meri Brown joined Kody Brown and his other three wives to create season 13 of the show.

While there’s no official report that Meri Brown is off on her own when not on camera, a former friend of Robyn Brown’s dished the goods on the family dynamics recently. Kendra Pollard-Parra said in an interview that what you see on screen is not how life really is with the Sister Wives fam.

No Meri Mean No Sister Wives Show?

Christine Brown reported on Instagram about a week ago that she too was on her way to hop on that cruise. But since that post, she’s gone dark online. She’s not with Meri in any pictures and hasn’t said another word about the cruise as of yet. So this seems to indicate to fans that there’s something going on behind the scenes.

If Meri really isn’t with the family anymore then Sister Wives might be in jeopardy of ending once and for all. This may be the reason some of the family is suddenly quiet on social.

Did Kody Brown send out an SOS (Silence On Social Media) to his family members? It is odd that Kody, Robyn, and Janelle are suddenly inactive online. Kody would post quite often and even have several posts up on Twitter during a day as well.

Fate of Family Show in Jeopardy?

If news of Meri’s estrangement from the family cannot be reeled back in, this might leave TLC between a rock and a hard place. It’s possible they’d be stuck with no other option than making an official statement on Meri’s changing position in the Brown family. If Meri really is no longer with the family, does that mean an end to the Sister Wives reality show?

So far there’s nothing revealed about the fate of this show, which seems to be Kody’s cash cow these days. While a couple of his other wives have home-based businesses, they can’t possibly make enough money, though, to keep the large Brown clan afloat.

So, it would seem that keeping Sister Wives on the air might be a huge priority for Kody Brown. That means Meri Brown really needs to still look like part of this plural marriage. Without her, fans might not tune into the show. Come back often for updates on this evolving situation.

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