‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Status Revealed – Fans Knew It All Along?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is a fan favorite from the TLC reality show and many viewers have urged her to branch out on her own. It’s obvious she’s somewhat separate when it comes to Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. Fans got to witness this, especially during the first few episodes of this season.

While it looks like Meri is hanging in there, a new report indicates it’s only for the sake of the show. What fans surmised for a while now looks to be true about the TLC program. Yep, it looks like there wouldn’t be a Sister Wives show without Meri Brown. So it seems that the first wife is back just for the filming.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Part of the Family for Filming Only?

According to a claim by Robyn Brown’s former close friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, the Sister Wives family can’t get over her catfish incident. And because of this, Meri Brown has basically been on her own since it happened.

Meri’s made a great career for herself as this report also indicates she’s been very successful with her Lularoe business. Not to mention her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, getting rave reviews and even winning a place among the best in a Utah magazine.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sure Does Explain a Lot of Things

This would explain why Meri Brown wasn’t in a a hurry to rent a place in Flagstaff. It would also explain how she can just tell Kody Brown she’s thinking about buying an RV. It appears she’s not looking for Kody’s permission anymore at these family meetings. Apparently, her days of getting a nod from her husband are behind her.

According to this source, Meri returns to the Sister Wives clan to film the show. But the rest of the time she’s not part of this jovial family. Many fans believe it was over for Meri with her divorce. It hit her hard, after all, she was married to Kody for decades at the time if their legal split.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Divorce Did Meri In?

The story about her divorce indicates that she offered to let Robyn be Kody Brown’s legal wife. And wife four took her up on it. This was to keep Robyn’s kids legally safe if anything should happen to her. But there might be more to this than meets the eye.

Maybe Meri became disillusioned that Kody didn’t put his foot down and say no. She’s still teary-eyed about it this season of the Sister Wives when it’s brought up.

These same allegations indicate it’s Christine Brown who is the hardest on Meri Brown. That would explain why these two sister wives haven’t appeared in pictures together on this cruise. Both Meri and Christine posted online that they were headed out for a Lularoe cruise.

While Meri kept her fans informed with photos of beaches and ports of call, Christine hasn’t posted a thing. Several of the group pictures Meri posted online don’t show a hint of Christine Brown on this cruise.

Kody Brown Missing How Many Wives?

Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown Brush appeared on the deck of the boat with Meri Brown in an Instagram post, but not Christine. If this report is true, that would explain why Christine and Meri aren’t hanging out while cruising the Caribbean.

Also, Kody posted how he’s lonely with two of his wives gone on vacation. Actually, three of his wives are away, as Janelle is babysitting Axel in North Carolina. She’s there while Maddie is on the cruise. So was Kody talking about Christine and Janelle? Maybe he wasn’t including Meri in that statement.

Anyway, the scoop today is…  it sounds like Meri Brown isn’t a part of the Sister Wives family after all. It just looks that way for the sake of filming. Again if that report is true it only validates what the fans have seen over the past few seasons.

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