‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Embarrassing Reveal About Meri Brown – Case of TMI?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown said some embarrassing things regarding Meri Brown during an interview. When questioned about his intentions for doing this he said he was feeling “snarky” at the time. He then backpedals a bit and claims he wasn’t feeling snarky toward Meri.

Kody Brown said he was feeling snarky about a law that he was against. Most likely it’s a law that governed polygamy. This is something the Sister Wives family became very vocal about over the years. Still, the embarrassing comments were about Meri Brown at the time. Not about the polygamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Spews Embarrassing Comments

Kody Brown also sat down for an interview on TLC with his Sister Wives cast. Besides Kody, this includes Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. During this interview, he was asked about the previous interview, which entailed him talking to a reporter via phone while in the car. He told that reporter a while back that he doesn’t cohabitate with Meri Brown anymore. He went as far as saying they weren’t intimate as well.

During the TLC interview, Meri was asked how she felt about what Kody said to the reporter. She said she was “kind of mixed” about his comments. It also appears Meri hopes that she can eventually have a relationship with her husband once again, as there’s not much of one now. So Meri seems to tread lightly while explaining how she felt with this information going public.

Meri Brown Lets Kody Off the Hook?

When describing how she felt about Kody saying what he did, Meri Brown admits that one part of her wasn’t OK with it. She thought the public didn’t need to know every detail about their private lives. But… she also said, “it’s time to start being real and honest.” While she seemed to let Kody off the hook, with that last comment – Robyn didn’t.

Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth wife, looks at him and offers a quick reprimand. She tells him that he sometimes says things he shouldn’t. She then turns to him and says “I love you, but you do.” The Sister Wives seemed to back the suggestion this was just TMI, all except for Kody Brown that is.

Kody Doesn’t Get the Hint

It appears the patriarch of the Sister Wives still didn’t get the hint that he crossed the line. During the TLC interview, Kody admitted once again that he doesn’t have the desire to get intimate with Meri. When asked “why” by the interviewer, he looks at Meri and says he no longer feels that way about her.

Somehow the interview turned into Kody’s wants and needs. His comments offered too much information (TMI) regarding his relationship with Meri Brown. It also appeared the other wives agreed with Robyn’s assessment that their husband says things he shouldn’t now and then. Viewers have seen this on the Sister Wives episodes periodically.

Shoe Never On the Other Foot?

When it comes to Kody Brown and the Sister Wives show, the wives seem to show their husband respect. But it doesn’t seem to always work both ways.

Much like the interview that Kody did in his car with that reporter, he didn’t seem to care who he mowed over to make a point. His wives talk about him with respect. If the wives disagree with him, they do it with respect. Viewers have also witnessed this on the Sister Wives show.

Even when Meri explained how she felt about Kody revealing his lack of desire for her, she made an excuse. One that seemed to let Kody slide for the embarrassing comments.

Some Private Stuff Should Stay Within a Marriage?

It looked like Meri let Kody off easy when she claimed the truth should come out. There’s a lot of “truths” within marriages. Most would agree some of those truths are private and need to stay within the marriage.

Whether that marriage consists of two people or five, some things need to remain private. That’s not always the case when it comes to Kody Brown on Sister Wives.

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