‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown And Meri Brown Look All Kissed And Made Up

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown went through a torrid time in their relationship. Fans went through heartache while tabloids and bloggers speculated Meri would never stay with Kody. Others worried the show would remain canceled forever. But, after Meri posted up a new Instagram photo of her and Kody this week, followers are happier. It certainly looks like Kody and Meri kissed and made up.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and family moved to Flagstaff

The photo shared by Meri Brown, shows her and Kody standing together before the final move to Flagstaff last week. Kody’s got his arm around her and she’s leaning into him and cuddling back. Both of them look amazingly well, as though their hardships put their troubles in the oven and popped out a bunch of cupcakes. Fans of Sister Wives expressed their delight at seeing the two of them together and looking easy in each other’s company. @ar_mcgill summed up what most people felt about it: “This is really heartwarming, glad you worked through everything and have come out stronger and more in love with your family than ever xx.”

Meri explained how, just as they finished up, and were about to get on their way, someone said they needed a photo. The picture came out so well, Meri decided it’s one of her favorites. She asked the Sister Wives followers and friends on Instagram if they thought it would be nice for a Christmas card. Meri mentioned that six years ago they took a photo in the same spot. Now, fans want to do the same as she said and compare the two photos. You can see how they changed by looking at the old video below. She changed a lot more than Kody Brown as you can see in the Insta-post lower down in the article.

Kody Brown & Meri worked at their relationship

Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine face more challenges than most wives. Multiple relationships with one central man holding it all together cannot always be a walk through the park. Several seasons back, we saw how Janelle wouldn’t even speak to Meri if they went somewhere in a car together. She went through heart-wrenching decisions over divorcing Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s kids. Then she went through the whole catfishing experience, which may haunt her for the rest of her life.

TLC showed the Sister Wives couple about a year ago, going to therapy to try and sort out their differences.  Meri said at the time, that Kody Brown was “kind of aggressive” about the catfisher. At that time, both of them were making an effort to see if they could save their relationship. Then, back in July, it became obvious things were improving. Kody flew out to Chicago to see her on their anniversary when she was at a LulaRoe leadership conference.



Reality TV Meri Brown and Kody Brown all kissed and made up?

Sister Wives followers hated seeing Meri in tears and Kody looking saddened. Many of them expressed on Instagram how happy they are that things seem better. In fact, it does rather look like they kissed and made up – judging by the photo. What goes on behind closed doors may turn out completely different, of course. However, followers of the show can’t help but hope things turn out well for them.

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