‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Celebrates Gabriel Turning 17

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown celebrated her son Gabriel Brown turning 17-years-old. She posted up the same photo from October 11, 2017, that she used to honor his 16th birthday because it’s her favorite. He’s grown up into a good-looking young man. As fans of the show know, he’s the brother of Logan, Hunter, Garrison Brown, Maddie Brush and Savanah. Gabriel looks very much like a young version of his dad, Kody Brown.

‘Sister Wives’ mom sends a touching message to Gabriel Brown

Janelle Brown captioned her Gabriel Brownpost on October 11, 2018, with a touching message to her child Gabriel. She posted in the caption, “This picture is a year old but still one of my favorites! Happy 17th birthday Gabriel! You are an amazing young man, demonstrating emotional depth beyond your years. Love you son!” Raised in Utah, until the family moved to Las Vegas in 2008, he’s seen a bit of the country. Gabriel was born in 2001, so he was just nine-years-old when the first season of TLC’s Sister Wives was announced in 2010. That’s how most people remember him, so it’s a bit startling to see him all grown up.

Naturally, many of Janelle’s followers took to Instagram to congratulate Gabriel Brown on being 17. People noticed he looked so much like his dad that some of them thought the photo showed Kody when he was young. Among them was @fungettingfit79 who posted, “Wow does he ever look like his Dad in this picture. Happy Birthday, Young Man ????.” Others also noted that it could even be the old Kody photo that they show on the show. (Except that one’s from his marriage to Meri).

Other fans think Gabriel’s a perfect mix of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown

Despite so many fans thinking that Gabriel Brown grew up to look just like his dad, others noticed Janelle Brown in him as well. @tamtmar@janellebrown117 noted, “Isn’t he just a perfect mix of you and Kody. You can clearly make out both of you in his features. Smart looking young man.” Other fans noted that their own children shared Gabriel’s birthday. They felt a special bond with Janelle on this birthday. Meanwhile, others noticed that the family raises nice, clean-cut looking boys.

Of course, there were lots of comments about people recalling him being a little tyke in what feels like yesterday. That made some fans feel “so old.” Many congratulations came from the USA, but there were greetings from places as far away as Austria and Africa. The Sister Wives show garners fans from all over the world. As usual, many of them asked when the show’s coming back. Some fans of the reality TV show worry it won’t be renewed. Janelle didn’t answer, but possibly she doesn’t even know the exact dates yet.

Next season of ‘Sister Wives’

Obviously, some fans have concerns the show may not renew. The speculation arises over persistently changing tabloid press reports. However, People noted three months ago that the next season will come early in 2019. They reaffirmed the show’s return again in an August report. With the recent move to Flagstaff, there’s a lot of new stories for TLC to cover in the growing family of Kody Brown.

What do you think of the photo Janelle Brown posted up? Do you think Gabriel Brown looks just like his dad Kody, at the age of 17?

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