‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Shower Chat Offers Unintended Message?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown sounds like a modern-day Goldilocks but instead of three little bears, he has four wives in his plural marriage. The original Goldilocks went from bed to bed complaining one was too soft, then another too hard. But for the sake of Kody’s comfort, it seems the beds aren’t the problem from one wife’s house to another. It’s their waterworks.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hot Water Woes

That old adage might just fall into place here. The one that suggests – “better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. The Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown’s recent complaints stem from hot water problems at Janelle Brown‘s house. Maybe since he refers to himself as the man of all these houses, he can fix it. That’s instead of complaining.

It seems Kody Brown ran into Logan Brown and Hunter Brown at a Flagstaff gym. These young men are two of Janelle and Kody’s older kids. Apparently, someone was in earshot as the Sister Wives patriarch conversed with his sons.

This source said the boys looked as if they worked up a good sweat at the gym. Kody, seeing the boys all sweaty, had a word of advice to them. The onlooker said Kody Brown told his sons that they’d better make their showers quick. He followed that up by telling them the water heater at their mom’s house is “terrible.”

The Sister Wives father offers this advice to his sons. Kody Brown gives them a tip about making do with what they have for hot water. He says this as his reported full-time home today is with Robyn Brown in her mansion. So, the boys get this advice as dad goes home to the lap of luxury. Sure, it’s only a shower but it also sends the boys a message that they, as well as their mom, don’t have it as good as their dad.

Spew a Warning Instead of Fixing the Problem?

Onlookers claim the two fast rides that Kody uses are his motorcycle and his little blue sports car. It seems Kody Brown’s two vehicles remain parked day and night in Robyn’s driveway. This appears to indicate that’s where he spends the majority of his time – with his fourth Sister Wives spouse.

So it’s apparent Kody Brown doesn’t like the shower facilities at Janelle’s house due to the lack of enough hot water. It looks like instead of Kody fixing the problem, he’d rather splash a warning about it. It’s not known what Kody Brown does for work. Last season, he claimed he had a business partner that he had to ask about getting some money out of their company account.

This was back on the Sister Wives episode when Meri Brown wanted to borrow the down payment for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Kody offered up the money and made a call to this unknown business partner. As fans might remember, as quick as Kody was to offer up the money, he was even faster to renege. He claimed the money was needed for household bills instead.

Sister Wives: Shared Husband Mastered One Tool – Hair Dryer

So, viewers haven’t actually seen Kody go to work. They also haven’t observed much manual labor out of the guy either. Sister Wives fans might have spotted Kody with a tool around the house once in a while in the last season. No, wait – that was his hair dryer – both with and without his diffuser. So, the point is, it doesn’t look like Kody has a 9-5 job or any job at all for that matter. So why wouldn’t this shared husband of four just slide on over to Janelle’s house and fix the water problem for her?

No, instead he’ll do his fatherly and wifely duties by warning the kids there’s not enough hot water, so wash up quickly. This leaves him doing his Goldilocks routine. One shower is not hot for a long enough time for the husband shared by the Sister Wives women. But apparently, the one that’s just right is at Robyn’s house. That’s where reports put Kody Brown the majority of the time. Maybe a long hot shower is all he needs to stay happy?

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