‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Rotating Schedule Monopolized By Robyn

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s rotating bedroom schedule looks like it came to a screeching halt recently with the last stop – the house of Robyn Brown. It seems he parks his shoes under just one bed these days and that bed happens to be located in Robyn’s home. Here’s the latest on the TLC plural family’s love lives.

Sister Wives: Rotating Nighttime Schedule Now Fixed on Robyn Brown?

Kody Brown is no longer looking like the shared husband of Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown. Evidence of Kody’s changed lifestyle comes from his two fast rides – a blue sports car and his motorcycle. It appears the two vehicles that Kody drives stay parked overnight at Robyn’s house. Furthermore, this source said the Sister Wives patriarch recently went an entire week without seeing his other three wives.

Apparently, he’s at the rented mansion with Robyn Brown full-time, according to reports. Sister Wives viewers are not a naive bunch who take reality show editing as gospel. Many believe they could see right through the patriarch’s antics last season. When Kody Brown paraded his family into Robyn’s rented Flagstaff home the first time, a red flag emerged. He got up on that master bedroom balcony and played like king of the castle and looked quite at home.

Kody Brown Replaced By Furry Friends?

A few times throughout the seasons of Sister Wives, Kody’s spouses paid tribute to his die-hard commitment to the rotating schedule. That schedule is the one that decides where he lays his head on a given night. Each wife got their bed warmed by Kody Brown every fourth night according to their intimacy calendar. Instead, it looks like the wives now warm their feet with furry friends on cold winter nights. And Robyn Brown apparently gets the most of Kody’s time.

It seems today, aside from Robyn, the wives appear more interested in their pets than Kody. That’s if their online posts offer any indication. Kody doesn’t appear often with his Sister Wives spouses online anymore. Fans of the show who follow Meri, Janelle, and Christine notice these wives seem happy with their pets these days. Many of their photos include those four-legged friends. They also notice Kody is conveniently lacking in photos online.

Sister Wives: All About the Show?

Except for a recent night on the town to celebrate Janelle’s big 50 year birthday, Kody Brown and his wives don’t show up together in many pictures. That celebration photo had the Sister Wives looking like one happy plural marriage. But fans online thought it might be a photo-op for a possible new season.

While there’s been no word on a cancellation or renewal of the show from TLC yet, fans think the Brown clan might be gearing up for the possibility they’ll be back. You can’t very well have another Sister Wives season if all the wives aren’t on board, so that picture seems to indicate they are. Whether it’s posed to look that way or really is that way, no one but the Brown family knows for sure.

As far as reports that Kody spends all his time at Robyn’s house these days, it’s nothing new to the veteran Sister Wives fans. They’ve surmised for a long time that Robyn is his favorite. Many believe he has a monogamous relationship with his fourth wife who became his legal spouse a few years back. As far as Janelle, Christine, and Meri go, Kody Brown treats them more like friends or close family members from what is seen over the last few seasons of the show.

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