‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Lead Puts Two Spouses In No-Filming Zone

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was so wound up about his polygamous lifestyle being accepted that he didn’t spot the red flags before the big move. Now that those flags pile up, it’s way too late in the game to remedy this. Still, some fans think a fix will soon emerge for Kody and his four wives by way of another move.

At the beginning of the last Sister Wives season, Kody Brown gave a noble speech to the TLC cameras. He said that sometimes he has to lead his family even when they don’t want to go in the direction he’s going. Folks were confused at the time Kody popped up to say these words but the meaning soon became obvious. He was about to lead his family to Flagstaff and Kody anticipated opposition from both his spouses and his kids.

Sister Wives: Patriarch Kody Brown Attempts to Normalize Polygamy

Since the Sister Wives show first graced the TLC screen, Kody Brown attempted to normalize his polygamous way of life. They fled Utah in the dead of night for fear of prosecution. He just wants a better environment for his family. So the move to Flagstaff, much like his move to Vegas before that, was about their plural marriage lifestyle. Kody wanted to live somewhere without the worry of the law intervening.

He considered the Vegas move one of “exile,” which suited the family at the time. Vegas was just a port in a storm for the family from Sister Wives. Their choice of Flagstaff had to do with what this town had to offer families. It looks like a great place to raise a family.  Let’s face it, Vegas isn’t known as a mecca for family life.

Flagstaff also awarded Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family the freedom to openly live in their plural marriage. He found he was correct in his thoughts that the folks in Flagstaff tend to be laid-back and very accepting of people from all walks of life. But maybe he should have put more emphasis on that laid back lifestyle he admired in the town’s folk.

No-Camera Zone for Meri Brown and Janelle Brown?

Kody Brown made sure the family’s polygamous living fit into the Flagstaff culture. But it seems he forgot to consider how another piece of their lifestyle would fit when it came to Flagstaff’s culture. It’s too bad that he didn’t because reports indicate folks in that town see a problem with what the Sister Wives clan brings with them – the media circus. According to the latest reports, the Brown clan can’t film in two of their rental homes as part of those rental agreements.

While the two wives aren’t named, deductive reasoning suggests it’s Janelle Brown and Meri Brown who landed in the no-filming zone. Fans of the show already got a look at Robyn Brown’s house inside and out, so it can’t be her home. Christine Brown couldn’t rent a house that would allow her pets. So she purchased a temporary home in Flagstaff until Coyote Pass is ready. Since she owns her own home, there’s no rental agreement. So that leaves Christine out as well with Meri and Janelle the two wives left with rental properties.

Sister Wives Urgent Move: Grabbed What They Could Get?

The patriarch’s urgent move had his wives scrambling for places to live. Viewers heard the complaints from Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle as they looked for rental properties in Flagstaff. Rental homes that fit the wives’ criteria were at a minimum. So it looks like they took what they could get. So this urgent move means there are two homes viewers won’t see if Sister Wives continue with another season.

It seems the Sister Wives lifestyle consisting of cameras following them around everywhere is not a welcome sight in Flagstaff. Fans already got a glimpse of Robyn’s new neighbor’s faces the day the Brown clan rolled into her new neighborhood. One woman, who fans dubbed the Gladys Kravitz of the neighborhood, had questions. She saw the Brown’s 18 kids plus their spouses and one grandchild and wanted to know how many of the children will live in the house Robyn rented.

Another Move on the Horizon?

A dozen or so moving trucks rolled into Robyn’s neighborhood marking their first day in Arizona. Instantly the neighbors lined the streets to check out all the commotion. New reports indicate people in Flagstaff don’t care about the number of wives Kody Brown collected. But when it comes to the Sister Wives cameras and the commotion they cause while filming – that’s the problem.

It looks like Sister Wives fans across social media predict another move for the Brown brood. Flagstaff residents don’t care for the discombobulation that comes along with filming a reality series. Even when they aren’t filming, fans tend to swarm to a sighting of a family member.

So it seems Kody Brown did his homework about Flagstaff and their acceptance of plural marriage. But apparently, he didn’t give much thought to how this quiet town would fare with his lifestyle when it comes to the cameras. Whether this means another move for the Sister Wives or not remains to be seen.

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