‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Draws Attention Dancing in Parking Lot Alone

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks like a man on the prowl for another wife suggests an eyewitness to his recent antics in Flagstaff. The 50-year-old husband of four with 18 kids looked more like a single guy from what onlookers had to say. Kody Brown was without his wedding band, the one he cherishes so much. That ring works overtime as it’s the symbol of love for all four wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Flashy Sports Car – Not Typical Daddy Vehicle

To set the scene – the patriarch of the Sister Wives family drove to the gym in a blue sports car. This two-seater flashy ride is not very conducive for a man with almost two dozen immediate family members. But this sports car was not the focus for the onlookers. It’s Kody Brown’s actions that raised a few eyebrows.

Recent reports put papa Brown with financial problems. He admitted to problems with his spouses during the last season of Sister Wives as well. But from what eyewitnesses took in, Kody Brown appeared rather carefree today. Not to mention how after a year in Flagstaff, they haven’t started building on their land in Coyote Pass for their permanent homes.

Dancing in the Parking Lot – Hey, Look at Me?

So this patriarch goes into the gym with a lot of baggage in tow but you’d never know it, according to onlookers. Witnesses said the gym was full of ladies and Kody was “charming” with a “twinkle in his eye.” The TLC star sported his man bun for his two-hour stay at the gym.

On the way out of the facility, he did a dance in the parking lot. An onlooker said he looked around to see if anyone noticed him. From the way one witness described Kody Brown’s antics, it was as if he put on a show and looked for the attention of anyone within eyeshot.

Viewers of the Sister Wives show know that Kody likes attention. He seems to revert to teenager-like behavior at times when craving that attention from his four wives.

Sister Wives: Patriarch Wife Shopping?

Questions popped up about Kody Brown’s demeanor while at the gym over the weekend. To some, it appeared his free and single-like presentation might indicate he’s looking for wife number five. But that’s not how a polygamous man out of his religious sect goes about wife shopping. According to his Sister Wives spouses, the men don’t shop for a wife, the other wives take the reins on this procedure.

During the last season, Meri Brown described how Robyn Brown came into the family. It was Meri who met Robyn first and thought she’d make a good fit with the other wives. From what Meri, Robyn, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown have said in the past, the Sister Wives women would be livid if Kody trolled for another wife on his own. Do you remember Kody’s advice to grooms on their wedding day? Check out the video below for a reminder on how he sees it after four marriages.

What’s Kody Missing at Home?

After watching this latest season, the picture painted for Kody’s home life seemed different than when the show first rolled out almost a decade ago. The patriarch himself said he no longer looks for intimacy with Meri. While nothing is said about Janelle, she wasn’t gushing over her shared husband as Christine did during the last season. Christine even attempted a hug with Kody during one episode and he backed away.

Social media is full of comments suggesting Robyn Brown is Kody’s favorite wife. Fans have said this for years. While the Sister Wives cameras pick up only a portion of the Brown family’s lives, it’s enough for fans to surmise the patriarch is not swooning over three of his wives today.

So Kody might enjoy the attention he gets while at the gym. But it doesn’t seem to follow the family’s protocol that he’d be wife shopping at the same time. As far as the wedding ring missing from his finger, he wouldn’t be the first person to leave jewelry at home while exercising.

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