‘Sister Wives’: TLC Announces Renewal Just Before New Season Premieres?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to go to great lengths to keep his TLC reality show on the air and it looks like he’s successful yet again. For a few months now reports indicate there’s no official word from TLC on the show’s fate. Nothing about a renewal or a cancellation emerged regarding Sister Wives. But it looks like Season 14 is in the works.

Due to the lack of TLC’s official word, the Sister Wives super fans look elsewhere for clues. They’ve come to rely on eyewitness reports of cameras hovering around the Kody Brown family. But it still doesn’t offer proof-positive that Season 14 is in the works. The TLC producers tend to keep the fate of the show under wraps for quite some time. So, this doesn’t seem to offer much hope that new episodes will roll out anytime soon. But… think again.

Sister Wives: TLC Long Waits Gone?

People assume that once TLC does make it official, there’s still a long wait ahead of them. After the nod that the show is renewed, viewers believe they’re then looking at another long wait for the premiere of a new season. But that’s not been the case in the past. If you take a look at the history of TLC and their official announcements for Sister Wives new seasons you might be surprised. When a renewal of this show is officially announced the season premiere date is not usually far behind. Sometimes the premiere is just a few weeks out from the official nod.

TLC released their official renewal of the Sister Wives reality show for the last season, 13, at the end of December 2018. Just a few weeks later in January 2019, Season 13 premiered. That season ended on April 21, 2019, when Tell All Part II aired as the final episode.

 Season 14 -Just a Stone’s Throw Away

This is so unlike yesteryear when it comes to any given network announcing the renewal of any given show. Years ago, a new season might not roll out for months and months after the renewal announcement. When any one of the many networks revealed that a show was coming back you might not see it for several months. Long waits were often in store for viewers.

With Sister Wives, once the announcement emerges from TLC, that new season premiere isn’t very far behind. Now that the eye witness reports put Kody Brown with cameras in tow, it looks like they’re already filming episodes for Season 14.

Sister Wives: TLC Method Works Well?

Over the years, Sister Wives seasons premiered during different months of the year. This includes January, March, May, June, July, September, and November. So it’s not as if there’s a designated month to watch for.

The lack of any official word on whether this show is canceled or renewed seems to work well for the network. It keeps people searching for anything new about the show, hoping to find that elusive new season premiere date.  So, there just might be a method for keeping mum.

Reports of the Brown family with cameras around them and hints from the family members on social media seem to indicate a new season is on the way. If the history of the TLC Sister Wives renewal announcements is any indication, then you could be watching Season 14 very soon.

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