‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Bamboozles Christine Brown – Not His Other Women?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown quickly turned his wives facial expressions into a look of gloom and doom on Sunday night’s episode. All except for his third wife, Christine Brown. The SW head of the family pushed an idea at his wives during a bizarre business presentation. But a look came over Meri, Janelle, and Robyn as if a wicked stench invaded the room. It was a move to Utah they smelled coming from his pitch.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Makes His Destiny Top Priority

Kody Brown wants to move to Utah, run for office, and change the world. Yep, in that order. The Sister Wives patriarch threw this list, which he sees as taking control of his destiny, at his unsuspecting wives. There’s only one problem that Kody didn’t take into consideration when plotting out his destiny. He’s not a lone sailor… he has a full crew, each with a destiny of their own.

It looks like Kody Brown forgot that this plan plays with several other peoples’ lives as well. His desire to change the world drags four wives and a dozen or so kids along. The patriarch’s move won’t affect a few of the older kids who have homes of their own. But the rest of the brood finds themselves stuck following their father on his next whim.

Christine Brown Still in Awe Of Husband

Since the family now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, it’s obvious Kody Brown only saw part of his wish granted. They’re not in Utah, although this guy might get them there in the future. Still, the entertainment value for the Sister Wives fans is watching Kody manipulate the family.

Years ago when Sister Wives first graced the TV screen, viewers saw four star-struck wives. It was Kody Brown who played the superstar part in their lives. Jump ahead to the present SW season and it looks like those days are gone. It seems putting Kody on a pedestal doesn’t bode well anymore for Robyn, Janelle, and Meri Brown. But it appears Christine Brown is still bamboozled by her husband.

Following a ‘Good Man’

While the other wives bucked Kody’s idea of moving because of their kids, Christine Brown tread lightly. She said in one of the confessional videos how she doesn’t want to put her relationship with Kody in jeopardy.

Christine Brown even offered to stay behind as the rest of the Sister Wives family moved. This way the kids wouldn’t be pulled out of their schools. But Kody said – “no.” As you can see by the tweet below, Mr. Brown’s decision went over like a lead balloon for some fans.

Christine Explains the One-Word-Answer

Christine Brown explained to the Sister Wives camera that “Kody said no.” She explained that Kody Brown is the head of the family and he has the last word. She waffled when questioned by the SW producer.

He wanted to know if religion plays into her adamant stand to let her husband lead. She said her husband has the last word because he is a “good man.” This good man would never lead them into peril, suggested Christine Brown.

Same ‘Good Man’ Butt of Jokes For Janelle, Robyn, and Meri Brown?

The other wives did the polar opposite, they actually had a field day with their husband’s presentation. It was a bit over the top when his whiteboards and handouts appeared. While they knew Kody Brown had a desire to one day move back to Utah, his idea on running for office bowled them over.

So far it looks like Kody only has Christine Brown to count on when it comes to making a move. Since all the Sister Wives spouses call Flagstaff their home today, it looks like they all gave into Kody’s idea on moving.

Still, they’re not in Utah. But Kody Brown is persistent. So if he has Utah in his destiny, chances are he’ll wrangle the family there in the near future.

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