‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Fat-Shamed Tale Doesn’t Hold Water?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks drop-dead gorgeous these days but the reported reason behind her transformation just doesn’t add up. Christine is the third wife of Kody Brown seen on the TLC reality show, which spotlights the polygamy lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown No Longer ‘Curvy’ Wife

Since SW first graced the TV screen in 2010 Kody Brown’s first three wives sported full-size figures. Early interviews seem to indicate Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, and Christine Brown believed their husband liked his women “curvy”. Although, it looks like that theory didn’t hold up completely.

Kody Brown fell head over heels for Robyn Brown. She became his slim, trim, and younger fourth wife. Veteran Sister Wives watchers probably remember back when Kody and Robyn went through a honeymoon phase. During that time, jealousy festered in this plural marriage among his three first wives.

Kody Brown Loses Interest in Wife Three?

Jump ahead to present day and Christine Brown shed the excess pounds. While she and her fellow Sister Wives stars look lovely at any weight, Christine is down quite a few dress sizes. So what sparked her to make this change?

Some fans believe Christine’s weight loss is to entice her husband’s attention. It seems Kody Brown lost interest in her at one time and even considered parting ways. Here’s what the Brown patriarch says happened. It seems Kody and Christine went on a road trip together when they were younger and she had a little more weight on her.

Kody Brown said, “I was young and superficial enough to care about physical appearances”. During that road trip, they stopped to eat. Kody said he lost his appetite when he saw Christine Brown chow down on the “largest portion of chili cheese nachos that I’d ever seen”. But wait, he had even more to say!

Christine’s Eating Habits Bother Kody?

Kody described how the nachos, cheese, and sauce went everywhere as Christine Brown devoured the plate at a rapid speed. This apparently turned him off as the patriarch of the polygamous family described how it “cooled” his attraction for her.

The Brown husband-of-four recalled this incident in their book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage. Christine Brown basically agreed with him. She admitted to an infatuation with junk food.

Fans Hope Christine Lost Weight for Herself – Not Kody!

No matter the reason, Christine Brown worked hard to lose the weight. It looks like diet and exercise paid off. As for the husband of four, sharing this story just adds to fans’ disdain. He sounds as if he believes Christine was lucky that he didn’t break it off with her. So, did Christine lose this weight because she craved Kody’s attention?

Some fans of the Sister Wives think so. Other fans hope she got in shape in preparation to leave Kody. Still, other fans chimed in to say she’ll never leave her husband. It’s easy to see this wife is still very much in love with Kody Brown. But still his cruel words had to hurt.

Fans Suggest How Sister Wives Can Drop 200 Pounds Fast

Did Kody’s comments, which can only be seen as fat-shaming, spark this weight loss for his third wife? Some Sister Wives fans don’t think so. One comment suggests, “I doubt this is even true since two of his other wives are fat also. Meri has always been chubby and Jenelle is obese and he never left them.”

As a final note, one fan suggested a diet for the wives that guarantees a 200-pound weight loss. They wrote: “Lose a quick 200 lbs. by kicking that ugly, jobless, narcissist named Kody to the curb.” Ouch… Watch the new SW season on TLC Sunday nights.

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