‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Lets Kids See Too Much – What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown shared some recent social media images that hint some of the kids may be seeing too much of their plural parents on TV. Christine is the one seen as Kody Brown’s fun wife by a lot of folks online. Out of all four of Kody Brown‘s wives on the TLC show, Christine seems more upbeat than the others. But is she exposing the kids to a bit too much reality TV?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Pics Show Happy Kids But TMI?

Christine’s social media pages demonstrate how well she gets along with all the children whether they are biologically hers or not. TLC fans see how Christine Brown can act like a kid when playing with the family. So it looks like she’s somewhat too permissive of a mom on top of everything else.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In Christine’s case, her posted photos seem to suggest a certain loose lifestyle in her home. Above all, the kids look happy. They also look well informed on what’s happening on the Sister Wives TV show. But… maybe just a tad bit too informed?

TLC Prime Time – Is Sister Wives a Show Suitable for Kids?

The TLC plural marriage show doesn’t offer anything too risque. Chances are you won’t find yourself having to mute, pause or change the channel if your child wanders into the room. But then again, it’s different if the people on TV are strangers to the child – versus being someone in your family that’s on the big screen engaged in shenanigans.

Seeing a grown woman cry, such as Meri Brown, probably wouldn’t mean a thing to one of the viewers’ kids. Hearing Kody Brown suggest that Meri is selfish wouldn’t be upsetting to most kids. With that said, if it was one of the children that saw Meri crying or heard Kody’s criticism, it could be upsetting and would certainly leave a lasting impression.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - TV Sister Wives

Can’t Get Enough Sister Wives?

On Christine Brown’s Instagram and Twitter pages, she shared pics of kids watching Sister Wives at her house. The same little girl is in both posts – but as her face isn’t shown, it’s difficult to confirm with certainty which Brown offspring it is. However, it looks like it’s Truely Brown.

It appears Truely Brown is watching the scene where Kody Brown, Janell Browne, Robyn Brown and Christine all sat down to talk with Meri about her Bed and Breakfast venture. The closed captions are on and it says, “That is what we did with my Sister Wives Closet.” Closed captions are on the TV in the other snap too.

Little Minds Form Big Impressions

This is what Robyn Brown said during that talk which left Meri Brown in tears. Kody later said he thought Meri was being selfish. The things said about his first wife may be fine for general Sister Wives viewers. But perhaps not something for some of the youngsters to hear.

On that episode, Meri was in tears and Kody Brown, along with three of his wives all offered their opinions on Meri at the time. It sounded if Janelle suggested Meri threw a fit by saying she’d do it on her own before she made her exit. That’s a lot of family drama to show young Truely.

Kody Brown and Sister Wives Family Open About Their Drama?

While it seems a little stunning to see proof that Truely Brown is watching arguments between her plural parents unfold on reality TV, it may not be that big of a deal. After all, in some families, adults air the drama in front of everyone and there are no secrets. So maybe the kid already knew all of this.

If that’s the case, then seeing the episode would be no big deal. Either way, it doesn’t look as if Christine Brown sees this as a problem. As she has the family show up on the big screen TV at her house. To see what’s next, watch the new season on TLC Sunday nights.

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