‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Makes Car Confessions – What’s She Driving At?

Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown made some “car confessions” over the last several weeks that give you a window into her train of thought lately. If you think you had some strange things pop into your mind while behind the wheel of a car – think again. Christine Brown probably has you beat!

The third wife of Kody Brown shares some of her thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere. Christine is known as Kody Brown’s “fun wife” to many on social media. So it won’t surprise fans that she’s created her own solo version of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke online. Except she is alone – – and she doesn’t sing.

Sister Wives: Many Faces of Christine Brown in Car Confessions

These car confessions are spun into a video that consists of a dozen or so little clips of Kody Brown’s wife three. In each clip, Christine Brown is sitting in the driver’s seat of her car.

Some days she looks fabulous but sometimes Christine looks like she just dragged herself out of bed. So along with Christine Brown’s musings, you get to see the many faces of the Sister Wives star as well.

Christine Brown’s Thoughts on Garbage and Dead Plants

There’s no limit to the things in life that amaze people, which is evident in Christine’s car confessions. This Sister Wives personality recently focused her thoughts on her garbage. She is stumped as to why someone would want to steal her dirty and filthy trash can.

At one point, she makes a confession about what she does to houseplants that look sad. She throws them out. It sounded like she expected some backlash for that but what else would you do with a dead house plant?

Meowing Mothering Skills Christine Brown Admires

At one point in her life, this Sister Wives family member confesses that she worked in a craft store. While at work one day, she says a mother and her little boy came in. As the mother shopped, the kid crawled across the floor meowing like a cat. When Christine Brown starts telling this story you find yourself waiting for the grand climax. Like maybe she felt annoyed.

Nope, instead, she said when it was time to leave the mother told the kid, okay, it’s time to act like a boy again. The cat routine immediately stopped and the kid stood upright and walked out of the store with his mom. This amazed Christine.

The moral of her story is that she knew right away that this is the kind of mother she wanted to be. Has anyone heard any of the kids meowing on Sister Wives? Probably not. But you can see those car confessions on Christine’s Instagram page.


More Car Confessions

Sister Wives mama Christine Brown also warns drivers to stick with the speed limit. But she was talking to those drivers who go too slow. She talks about a must-see classic flick and a British TV show turning into a movie.

Another tidbit fans learn from this Sister Wives car confession video. Just like Meri Brown, she is now selling Lularoe and she wants you to shop from the comfort of your own home. So is this what she’s driving at? No matter what, if you’re a Christine Brown fan, her car confession series is a heap of fun. Tune into TLC and watch Sister Wives on Sunday nights.

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