‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Ups Her Game – Seduces Poolside in Pajamas?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown strikes a pose that suggests she won’t be outdone by any of the co-spouses of Kody Brown. The traditional Kool-Aid mom ups the ante from supplying snacks to the many offspring of the Sister Wives tribe. Today, she’s selling more than efficiency in the kitchen. But just who is Christine seducing? Sure, fans immediately took notice and supplied all those comments indicating how great she looks. But is that what this pose is all about?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Lures Kody Brown?

During the last season of Sister Wives, fans saw Christine Brown vying for her shared husband’s attention. In one scene she even moved in for a cuddle only to have Kody stiffen up and back away. Those photos appear below.

Jealousy runs rampant from time to time among the wives, which they’ve admitted in the past. But Christine Brown seemed to demonstrate this emotion more so than the other wives through almost a decade of the TLC reality show.

This was especially true when Robyn Brown first entered the Sister Wives clan. The third wife of Kody Brown seemed to have the hardest time when the fourth wife came on board.

Just like the other wives, Christine went into the plural marriage with eyes wide open. She agreed to share her husband with the other wives. But at the time Kody swooned over Robyn like a testosterone-fueled teenager and Christine was about to have his baby. Fans sided with Christine Brown on that one.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Doting Wife of Shared Husband

Today Christine Brown seems to dote on her shared husband more so than the other wives. She laughs at his jokes when he’s failed to crack so much as a smile on the other wives’ faces. She’s quick to be at his side when he enters a room. In the photos above, the third Sister Wives spouse moves in for a hug and Kody looks a bit irritated.

Last season, when Kody Brown entered her home, Christine Brown usually ran to the fridge to whip up something for Kody to eat. The other wives didn’t seem compelled to do this. But Christine went right into action offering food. So is Christine attempting to seduce Kody with her latest posted picture?

It looks like that might be the end game goal, but first, it appears she’s attempting to seduce her LuLaRoe customers.

Recent reports indicate the finances for the family became stretched to the max with this move to Flagstaff. It’s no secret that Meri Brown is a superstar among the LuLaRoe sales associates, raking in the dough.

This probably makes the Sister Wives patriarch very happy, as he has many people to support through the family’s shared financial pool. From what Kody Brown and his wives explained on the Sister Wives show, they pool all their paychecks into a family account.


Sister Wives: A Different Way to Husband’s Heart?

Then Kody uses the collected money from the four wives to pay the bills. He also doles out the money for Sister Wives household expenses. Meri and Kody seemed to patch up some old wounds during the last season. He sounded smitten with her once again as he explained their relationship like “dating” again.

Now that Meri has a piece of Kody’s attention, or at least she did during the last season, does Christine Brown see this as competition? They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Christine certainly tried that through the years with all the time she’s spent preparing meals for not only her man but her family as well.

But today the way to this man’s heart might be help with the Sister Wives finances. So, while Christine Brown dons her PJs for this poolside pose, the target of her seduction might be sales. It looks like she may be upping her sales game to rake in the dough like her co-spouse Meri.

In the end, Kody will probably take notice. If veteran Sister Wives followers learned anything in the past about the shared husband is that the sound of money rolling in is pleasing to him. He’s not a happy camper when too much goes out and not enough comes in. So Christine Brown might have a motive to her PJ pose by the pool.

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