‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown and Christine Haunted By Past Scene?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Christine Brown can’t seem to get away from the trouble they had with each other in the past. That’s because people continue to ask them over and over again where they stand with each other today. It seems that past trouble is still a work in progress for the two wives.

Meri Brown seemed to struggle in the latest season on TLC’s Sister Wives. But Christine Brown didn’t seem to make it any easier for her.

In one Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown’s third wife was direct with Meri. But later Meri added that maybe Christine Brown was a little too direct. The viewers easily picked up on the negative vibes between the two women.

Sister Wives Update: Christine Brown Harbors Animosity Towards Meri Brown?

It looked like bad feelings festered between Christine and her sister wife Meri Brown in a few Sister Wives scenes they had together on the recent season. But one scene, in particular, stood out. Fans shared their observations online about how it looked like more punishment toward Meri than anything else.

It seems Christine Brown still couldn’t forgive her co-spouse for not making the best choice while attempting to find friendship online. Sister Wives followers know the event well, the one that started with a cat and ends with a fish and everyone is tired of hearing about.

But that was a long time ago, so if Meri is back with the Sister Wives family, why do they continue to poke at her? Christine didn’t mince words when she told Meri that she brings a lot of baggage with her when she enters a room. She also said that she doesn’t know what to do with that baggage that Meri Brown has in tow.

Was it Christine or Meri Who Kept This Going?

It was made very clear to the Sister Wives viewers that Christine had a hard time with Meri Brown continuing on with the family. The clip was once again shown on the Tell All. When asked by host SuChin Pak how this relationship is now between the two wives, Christine Brown piped up.

Christine Brown said how they “hate watching that conversation” (the one with Christine, Meri and the baggage comment). The third wife of the Sister Wives clan explained how they’re still working on it. She also said it’s not the best situation. Then she added how watching that scene over and over doesn’t help matters much. But for whom?

Sister Wives: Haunting Reminder of Christine’s Uncomfortable Conversation

Christine sounds as if she and Meri Brown feel haunted by this Sister Wives scene. It does pop up in previews and of course, it was a topic of discussion on the Tell All. It looks as if many fans side with Meri on this one. So maybe Christine Brown has more at stake for wanting this scene to fade away.

Fans of this TLC show shared their disappointment the first time that scene played out. Christine’s approach gathered negative comments online. Many thought that making this accusation in front of the cameras was disrespectful.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words – In this Case, No Picture Talks Louder

Viewers of the show don’t need Christine Brown to spell it out for them. It was obvious to the die-hard Sister Wives fans that Christine and Meri Brown are still at odds. When both recently set sail on the same Lularoe business cruise, not a picture of the two together emerged.

Considering in years past that their shared vacations didn’t look like this, it’s easy to see something changed. Through the reality show’s seasons, these two wives appeared in plenty of photos together and looking happy about it.

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