‘Sister Wives’: Meri Gets Frisky With Kody Brown – Calls Him ‘Baby’

Sister Wives star Meri Brown took the bull by the horns on Sunday’s “Tell All” Part I, as she made it clear she wants back in with Kody Brown. Meri described how she dropped everything when Kody called and invited her out to dinner recently. She let everyone know she’s ready to get back into the swing of things with her husband.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Going for the Gusto With Kody Brown

Meri Brown is aggressively trying to keep company with husband Kody Brown. Which is another thing she said on the Sister Wives “Tell All” segment. She also said she doesn’t care what she’s doing at the time – if Kody calls she’s there. SuChin Pak moderated this “Tell All” episode. She thought it was “sweet” how Meri Brown and her long-time husband were in a dating-like mode again.

Meri Brown did a little flirting with Kody Brown on the set to the point where he actually looked flattered. She told her shared husband on national TV, “call me – I am there – baby.” It looks like Meri’s confidence has returned in comparison to the beginning of this season.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Robyn Brown Wants to Share?

All through this season, many of the show’s viewers shared their theories on social media. One of their theories was how Robyn was the biggest obstacle for Meri and their shared husband, Kody Brown, reuniting. Sunday’s show seemed to dispell this Sister Wives theory.

Robyn Brown actually looked fine with Meri getting frisky with their husband. She even chimed in how she couldn’t be in this family without Meri. After Sunday’s episode fans hopped online to share their thoughts about Christine’s behavior while Meri strutted her stuff with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Fans Suggest Christine Brown a Little Green

Some fans believe they caught a bit of jealousy coming from Christine but not from Robyn. During this season of Sister Wives, Christine flirted with Kody quite often.

By the time this “Tell All” filmed, Kody and his four wives have lived in Flagstaff for a while. It sounds as if they were settled in their new homes in that city. These are their temporary homes until they get their Coyote Pass homes or home built.

Keeping an Eye On Kody

Their Flagstaff homes are miles apart from each other. So, Kody has some traveling to do while moving between his Sister Wives spouse’s homes. Because they now live so far apart, they can’t see who Kody is visiting at any given time.

This is unlike their Vegas homes, where they could look out a window and see which home their shared husband, Kody Brown, graced at any given time. This is no longer the case.

If there’s a jealous factor in the mix today between any of the wives, this distance might add to it. It would leave the wives guessing who Kody is spending more time with these days.

Part I of the “Tell All” aired Sunday night, with Part II scheduled for next week. Tune in to watch the Brown family turn less cordial than they were during the first part of this episode. Part II looks a bit explosive.

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