‘Sister Wives’: Meri Attends Funeral, Kody BBQ’s, Robyn, Janelle, Christine Hit Parade

Sister Wives had a busy weekend starting with Meri Brown loading up the car and hitting the road to attend the funeral of a dear friend. The long weekend put Kody Brown strutting his stuff at a BBQ alongside two of his adult sons. It looks like Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown hit a parade with two of the Sister Wives spouses sparking up some chatter online after sharing a picture.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Road Trip to Funeral

There’s no doubt about it, the Brown family is huge. But it looks like each and every spouse spent some time with family over the Fourth of July weekend. Meri Brown tweeted at the beginning of the weekend that she’s headed out for a road trip. She talked about getting everything ready, especially her audio book.

It sounds like Meri Brown likes to listen to a good book while traveling the roads. She also made sure she had a good pair of  “sunnies” which seem to address her sunglasses. When Meri first started out on her trip, it didn’t sound as if she was about to attend a funeral. But that appears to be at least one of the destination of this road trip for one of the Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Meri Points Out All the Good Things in Life

After getting ready for her trip, the Sister Wives spouse posted a grave marker of a dear friend, Bruce Stone. Meri wrote that they just lost a great man. She also said that her family is forever connected to his family due to the great bond between Meri’s own dad and this man. After paying a heartfelt tribute to her friend who passed, it looks like Meri then spent some time with her family.

She’s pictured with her favorite nephew in her next post. She calls him “best nephew” and writes how she loves this kid. Fans were quick to point out the family resemblance for the Sister Wives matriarch.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Family


Sister Wives: Kody Brown BBQ’s and Models With Sons

Kody Brown popped up in a picture modeling a Hawaiian floral shirt, which came from Bob’s Floral Apparel. This happens to be the website his son, Garrison Brown, owns and runs. Garrison’s birth name is Robert Garrison Brown, so he’s going by Robert or Bob these days.

The name Garrison is what the Brown clan called the lad growing up. So fans need to get used to hearing Robert or Bob. Kody stands next to Garrison in the pic above. Next to him is Gabriel Brown. Both these boys are also Janelle’s sons as well. Kody and his two sons sported Hawaiian shirts from Garrison’s online shop.

Kody Brown is in front of a huge BBQ. Because those drapes were seen in pics prior to this one, it looks like that BBQ is at Janelle’s house. Speaking of Janelle, she posted a photo online of Christine and Robyn taking in a parade. The wives surrounded themselves with a group of Sister Wives kids of all ages. Janelle also wrote how they planned to watch the fireworks later that day. Also, it looked as if Christine joined other members of the family attempting ax throwing, which seems to be a new hobby for some members of the Brown clan.

Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown Love a Parade

The Sister Wives brood posted several pictures on their various social media sites over the weekend. Of course, they couldn’t get away from comments from the fans of the show.

While most people passed on good thoughts and wishes, some did offer their critiques of the photos. It looks like Robyn Brown got thumbs down for her nanny hat. But it managed to keep the sun out of her eyes. Robin sits ready to watch the parade sporting that straw hat in the photo above. Online chatter indicates some folks believe she’s sporting a baby bump in that picture at the parade above in the article.

Janelle wrote how they enjoyed the 80-degree weather in Flagstaff that day. It’s a far cry from the triple digits they once endured in Vegas. Still, 80 degrees seems a bit warm for some people, so a couple of fans pointed out they looked a bit overdressed for that temp. Both Robyn and her sister wife Christine sported long sleeves. Although, they looked comfortable while waiting for the parade to start.

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